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University of Richmond

No description

G. Viar

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of University of Richmond

School Spirit
University of Richmond's Alma Mater
Alma Mater, gracious mother, Sver green thy pine clad bills, Ever green thy sweetest metn'ry For a thousand hearts it fills. We thy children ion) ol Richmond, Loyal to thy former days Sing we now thy future blessing Raise .1 mighty s "»g of praise, To Richmond, then, our snug we sing, To Richmond, all our praises bring, Mar liigbesl honor, Irnlli mid faille. Be never banished from her name, May highest honor, Irulli mid lame, lb- never banished from her name, t)ur Alma Mater, gracious mother. To th 6« we sing. (2) Alma Mater, gracious mother, Thou "nr mother through long years Keep our hearts within thy bosom Share lore'er our joys and tears While gray hours lly on together Let not fail the light ol truth Guard with jealous care the birthright Blazoned on the souls of youth.
The Beginning of an Era
High school diploma
SAT score of 580/700 for Critical Reading
SAT score of 620/720 for Math
SAT score of 590/690 for Writing
Mostly A's and B's in a rigorous curriculum
Since high schools across the country can have very different grading scales, we look at more than just a number. What we're really looking for is a student who gets mostly A's and B's in a rigorous curriculum.
Monday, April 8, 4102
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Alumni Go to the Big Leagues
Humble Beginnings
Many well-known individuals have had humble beginnings at none other than University of Richmond. These include U.S. Senator, Virgil H. Goode, Jennifer Hyde (Director of development for CNN), Major General Warren Edwards, Leland Melvin (Co manager of NASA's astronaut educator program), Sean Casey, a pro baseball player, and even Shawn Barber, a pro football Player.
University of Richmond is most famous for it's baseball team- the spiders. University of Richmond's mascot is, yes, the spiders. Also, the school colors are red and blue.
University of Richmond
University of Richmond was founded in 1830, located in Richmond, Virginia. This 350 acre school houses 4140 students (55% female, 45% male). The tuition cost for our favored school however, consists of about $45, 320. Currently, Edward L. Ayers is President.
Requirements For Attending

The Richmond Spiders Fight Song
"We want to go to University of Richmond, because it has a prestigious campus and they have a great course offering."
-Ellen Yeudall and Graysen Viar
One course the University offers is the Bachelor of Arts. This program offers performing arts for Ellen, who hopes to be an award winning actress, and offers literature for Graysen, who hopes to become an editor or publisher.
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