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Jennifer Dewey

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Globalization

Prompt: Answer all questions in the prompt-
What are the current effects of globalization? What role will globalization play in future development?

For the prompt you are required to cite at least three films in this paper. Two from the presentation we cover in class and one from the additional videos in section A.

Film Discussion 4: Globalization
ANT: 2410-001
Jennifer Dewey

Cultural Imperialism
What is the effects of globalization?
What is happening here?
Examples of Innovation
Section A- select 1 additional video from this section for your paper.
What are the effects of media on shaping global culture?

Pay attention to how each video frames their arguments and the implications to different cultural and world systems.

Questions to keep in mind:
1. What kind of words are they using?
2. What point of view is being represented?
3. Is it only the western point of view?
4. Who is telling the story?
5. What are they trying to make you feel?
6. What is their motivation?

How are the U.S. Policies changing? and how will this effect globalization?
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