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6-3 Arabic Art

No description

Alessandra Serbaroli

on 19 February 2017

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Transcript of 6-3 Arabic Art

Calligraphy and Geometric Shapes
What are Geometric Shapes?
Geometric Shapes are very decorative designs using all sorts of shapes. Shapes that are often used to create these designs are circles, triangles, polygons, and star patterns. Some designs contain so many shapes that there are too many to count or see.
(#1) This object is a mosque lamp with Arab inscriptions and it was made in Turkey.
(#2) This object is also a mosque lamp and was made in Cairo, Egypt.
(#3) This object is a bowl with Arab inscriptions and was made in Iran, Nishapur.
(#4) This object is a mirror and was made in Iran.
Thanks for watching!
What is Calligraphy?
It is writing that uses very decorative, well shaped letters and is written from right to left. It's alphabet includes 28 letters and is the 2nd most used alphabet after Latin. Calligraphy comes from two Greek words, Kallos and Graphos and means beautiful writing and drawing.
My Arab Culture Project
By Alessandra Serbaroli 6-3
YOutube Video
Why Was Calligraphy So Important?
Calligraphy was very popular in the Arab world and was great for decorating walls, furniture, and accessories. One of the reasons why it was so popular was because strict Muslims disaproved of art that involved humans and other living things. This was a great form of art for them to enjoy and admire. Another reason why it was so popular was there were various styles for writing out the letters. Some of the styles are Farsi, Naskn, Kufi, Deewani, Req'aa and Thuluth.
Facts About Calligraphy:
Calligraphy was also a very important part of Islamic art and culture too. Calligraphers had a higher status than painters well into the 24th century and important calligraphers were called "Prophets". One of the most famous Calligraphers, Ibn Muqla al-Shirazi lived in Baghdad, but was arrested and died in prison.
(#1) This is a painting of Arab scholars writng in a library at Hulwan, Egypt.
(#2) This is a sentence written in Calligraphy that says, 'Thee do we worship, and thine aid do we seek'
(#3)This is a mosque that is covered in Calligraphy
(#4) this is a panel of 4 calligraphic tiles and was made in Morocco

(#1) This is a window that was made in Syria and was used in a church.
(#2) This is a Textile Fragment that was made in North Africa.
(#3)This is a Hexagonal Tile Ensemble with Sphinx and was made in Turkey, Konya
(#4) This is a high tin bronze bowl that was made in Afghanistan.
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