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No description

JJ Ruescas

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of GAE

...or how I see it. Google App Engine Google App Engine
Core Features - Environments:
- Go
- Java
- Python
- Deploy and Go over the Sandbox
- "Free" usage Google Infrastructure DataStore - Not Structured data
- Entities can be parent (Ancestor of) another entities within the same model.
- Entities contain Indexes to allow a faster searches over them.
- Self-defined Properties on each Entity. BigTable Google Account
API Authentication Fully Local Dev
to simulate GAE. Cron Jobs/Tasks - Scheduled tasks to handle asynchronous processes - Model
-> Containing Entities
- Transactions over Entity Groups.
- Entities are all stored in a BigTable GAE is Free!!!!!..... Quotas are what we need not to Exceed!!! Free, but....
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