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Hunter Hayes

Senior Project

Jasmine Bobbitt

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Hunter Hayes

By Jasmine Bobbitt Hunter Hayes Objectives Our Mission
Web Design
Network Design & Layout
Summary Our Mission To You At Senior Tech every customer is sure to be satisfied with the work done for them. The company is a highly skilled and talented group of IT professionals who are the best at what they do. We strive to meet the highest of standards for every customer’s needs. Senior Tech is always determined to get a fully functional project in a timely and efficient manner. Goals Web Design Network Design - Appealing
- Recommended Pages
- Final Product -Fully Functioning
- Compatible with Building Web Design -HTML / CSS
- 6 Main Pages Home
Life of Hunter Hayes
Photo Gallery
Store -Color Palette Network Design & Layout - 3 Locations Breaux Bridge, LA. (Main Location)
Tombstone, AZ.
Charlotte, NC. - Main Location Server
Wireless Access Point -Logical Topology Private IP Address: /24
Public IP Address: /28
Server IP Address: /26 * Networks built in Packet Tracer Equipment All host (computers, server, and copier/printers) were provided. Network Equipment Cat5E Cable
Patch Cables (5ft and 7ft)
Patch Panels
Face Plates
Wall Jacks Raceway
Equipment Rack
Ladder Racks (straight and 90 degree) TimeTable Budget Budget (continued) Detailed Budget Budget Summary 8 Hours each Day
$75.00 / Hour
Total Labor Cost: $7,800.00 Summary Thank You For Your Time! Any Questions? Appealing Website & Network
Fully Functioning Website & Network
45 Days
13 Days of Labor
Cost: $21,908.57 Equipment WAP Router Switch
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