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As apart of being in the Newark Museum Explorers Program we

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Lauryn Banks

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of As apart of being in the Newark Museum Explorers Program we

Created a timeline - we included a layout of all our activities, and made time for registration. with a designated time for each part.
Made a budget - this allowed us to purchase any gifts/prizes, food and treats we needed all for a reasonable amount without splurging
Activities - we came up with activities for the guests to partake in. We had to make sure the supplies for the activities did not go out of our budget.
Food - We ordered food and candy, we made sure to stay within our budget as well.
What did not work?
As apart of being in the Newark Museum Explorers Program as a junior we must host at least one Teen Event.
Enhance public speaking skills, project management skills and tactfulness
We were assigned an event in February and we decided to call it "Love Stinks".
Love Stinks
Review of Teen Event

What worked?
We had different items laid out on a table for visitors to use during their pictures, plus the decorative background made it really enjoyable.
Photo Booth
The balloon pop pick up lines challenge was a success as it allowed the guest to break the ice with each other and get to know one another in a friendly and fun way.
Pick Up Lines
The Love Tour was a success because it engaged our audience and kept them interested.
Although a fun and unique activity, the piñata Cupid was easily knocked down with one hit so only one guest was able to participate
Beat Up Cupid!
Many of the visitors did not partake in this activity and those who did took advantage of the products as no one was there to supervise the activity. This resulted in a waste of supplies.
Draw Your Mood
There was only about a handful of people out of all the guest who actually decided to do this. It was not a very successful ice breaker.
Love Letter Ice Breaker
What did we learn?
How to make a great event possible while working within a budget
Have better time management and organization/structural skills
Work better as a team making sure everyone does their part
By: Lauryn, Opoku, Aroob, and Paulina
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