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Funnel Cakes

No description

Tyler Coody

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Funnel Cakes

Chemistry of Funnel Cakes Materials startch ( flour)
egg protien
bakking powder ( baking soda, sodium aluminum sulfate, and calcium phosphate
lactose ( milk )
sucrose (sugar )
sodim chloride ( salt )
triglycerides ( vegetable oil ) Science of Mixing When preparing the batter for funnel cakes you first mix the eggs, milk, and sugar. This will allow the sugar to dissolve and allows the egg to mix thoroyghly with the milk. The egg whites contain protiens that are emulsifiers. This acts like a glue between the milk and flour.
Next you add the flour, baking powder, and salt. The flour contributes to the viscosity and taste of the funnel cake. The salt lowers the vapor preassure of the mixture which allows it to cook faster. Cooking Science The process of deep frying involves immersing food in hot oil for a short period of time. The temperature of the oil causes the funnel cake batter to release water in the form of steam. The preasure of the steam escaping keeps out the oil which keeps the moiture in the cake.
The steam ecapes out of little tinny holes created by the reaction of baking soda and water. This reaction releases carbon dioxide gas which forms little air pockets. This explains why the funnel cake puffs up in the oil. NaCl sodium bicarbonate sodium aluminum sulfate calcium phosphate egg protien triglycerides
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