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Alice in Wonderland

No description

Kara Pernicano

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Alice in Wonderland

“A Mad, crazy, wonderful idea” Postmodern Madness in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland: Madness: a Social Construct How can Alice be labeled mad and still be a hero for youth today? Madness triumphs in Burton's Alice in Wonderland, so the hero, Alice, must be mad. The Powerful truth social norms Conformity Rebellion The Reasonable The Mad The Object The Subject The Oppressed The Oppressor Faith Passion Imagination "a space of freedom" (Weineck 101) "[a] state of intellectual autonomy" (Weineck 15) Madness "the ultimate negation of autonomous thought" (Weineck 15) f r a g m e n t s stability within instability In The IMPOSSIBLE "[f]ragments which isolate man from himself, but above all from reality" (Foucault, Madness 93) by detaching themselves, have formed the unreal unity of a hallucination, and by virtue of this autonomy impose it upon truth" (Foucault, Madness 93) in adness ... " absurd but rational? "escaping [the] truth [of those in power] and its constraints, appears" (Foucault, Madness 93) U n r e a l the Heroes: the Saviors of the World Postmodernism Beyond Modernism: Universality = Illusion f l i c k Essential Self Center e r i n g signifiers A ienation r a g m e n t a t i o n Posthuman Pastiche... hyperrea ity Without a basic reality, postmodern thought, rooted in its own form of autonomous reason and in the illusion of the culture industry has become the new dominant oppressive hegemony of our times. Pattern in randomness? "the disorienting, exhilarating effect of the feeling that subjectivity is dispersed throughout the cybernetic circuit" (Hayles 2167) Truth?
Meaning in life?
The essential self? "the confusion created when the euphoria of living in a mass-produced fantasy world clashes with the need to retain one's own individuality or one's own desires while doing so" (Krause 53-54) ostmodern Madness P The world "masks the absence of a basic reality" so it "bears no relation to any reality" (Baudrillard 1560) Embrace Resist (Transcendent Signified) Illusion? The Burtonian Postmodern Mad Hero: "peering into the chaos in the hope of discerning a definite structure, distinguishing a centre; catching a glimpse of sense" (Bassil-Morozow 178) "insist[s] on his or her emotional or intellectual independence" (Bassil-Morozow ix)
"resists division" (Bassil-Morozow 178)
"oppos[es] the 'normalizing', unifying tendencies in society" (Bassil-Morozow 45)
"rediscover[s] the stabilising principle" (Bassil-Morozow 45)
"resurrect[s] 'God' " (Bassil-Morozow 45) as an individual who... Posthuman Wonderland Hyperreality Down the Rabbit Hole... Into a Postmodern Wonderland Destabilizing... Alice loses track of the real but the real exists. F l i c k e i n g Playing in the Rubble of Meaning... signifiers for dress Alice's Instability Centered on the Body "I've been shrunk, stretched, scratched and stuffed into a teapot!" ~Alice In Fashion A Return to the Renaissance Ideal The Alice: An Essential self In center stability Autonomous Reason... Socially Constructing an Illusion F r a m e n t g a t i o n A l i e n Postmodern Madness That bears no relation to reality... but is reality Freedom in Imagination Faith & Passion Overcoming Reason & Illusion Believing the Impossible The Madwoman Alice Rebelling against social norms The Heroic Ideal of the Ancient Greeks and Romans "It is through madness that the greatest good things have come to Greece." ~Plato "The belief in truth is precisely madness." ~Nietzsche Absolute Reality
Absolute Morality Tim Burton's Alice becomes a hero for youth today as she madly asserts her individuality and freedom to follow truth against oppressive social forces in a way that particularly illuminates the struggle of women today against the culture industry in a poststructuralist, posthuman world. "Do you think I've gone 'round the bend?" ~Alice

"I'm afraid so... you're mad. Bonkers... but I'll tell you a secret...
all of the best people are." ~Alice's father
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