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No description

Year Six

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Yangtze

The source of the Yangtze river is located in china, Asia. it begins in west of china and winds its way slowly
over to the east of china.
the mouth of the Yangtze
River opens out
into the east
china sea.
The Journey of The
The journey of the Yangtze begins at the glaciers of Qinghai-Tibet, to Plateau and all the way to eastern china where it flows into the east China sea.
there are lots of landmarks on the Yangze these are just a few of them the wu gorge, the Qutang gorge, the Xiling gorge, the 3 gorges dam, the huangshan mountains and the zhang fei temple.
Wildlife on the Yangtze consists of: the panda, the giant soft shell turtle, the chinese alligator,the Yangtze river dolphin and the chinese giant salamander.
The Yangtze River!
Fun Fact!
A few pictures...
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