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Copy of Pepsi Company

No description

juliana batista

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pepsi Company

Hussein Ehab Ali Youssef * History PepsiCo Inc Most Successful Consumer
product companies In The
world * Company Consist Of : Frito-Lay ,Pepsi-Cola
Company , and Tropicana Products * World's Number 2 Soft Drink Company Pepsi-Cola Company * Founded By : Caleb Bradham * Brand Pepsi and Other Pepsi-Cola Products account for one-third of total soft drink sale in the U.S Advertising * Pepsi has continously focused on the current teen generation * How Pepsi has used humor , music , sex appeal in advert * Advertising Budget .
-Adexpenditures for 2001 is 1,800,000,000 * BBDO Of New York Advertising Campaign Michael jackson * Michael recieved the biggest sponsorship from a company in 1983 * In 1993 Pepsi had a '' Search for Michael Jackson '' campaign * Used musical and sex appeal Jeff Gordon * made a commercial with Hallie Eisenberg * Sells many Pepsi collectable merchandise * drove the Pepsi Car In races Hallie Eisenberg * First appeared in a Pepsi commercial in 1998 at age 5 * introduced the '' Joy Of Cola '' Campaign * starred in commercials with Faith Hills , KISSES , and Ken Griffey Jr. Britney Spears * Feb. 6.2001 Britney Signed a contract with pepsi ( Between $40 and $100 million ) * The Campaign Includes :
- 2 T.V Commercials
- Billboards
- Magazines
-points of purchase
-pepsi holds a Co-Sponsorship of her upcoming worldwide tour Conclusion In The First Quarter of 2001Pepsi's volume growth grew 3.8%
Pepsi's market share has been slowly increasing over the past 3 years to 13.8% Thesis Pepsi's current and past advertising campaigns have been successful in targeting 12-to-21 Year old through using type A & B celebrties ,music , humor , sex appeal , and the internet. Hussein Ehab
Ali Youssef
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