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RFID Presentation

A presentation ... of RIFD.

RFID Heroes

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of RFID Presentation

Functionality What is RFID? Types of RFID Tags RFID Technology RFID Security RFID Guardian Why Is it Important? How To Secure A RFID *Aluminum Foil
*Water Where's The Tag? Security: High vs. Low Frequencies Visible and Controllable RFID Tags Passive
Semi-Active References: 1) http://www.123rf.com/photo_858774_pictures-of-a-rfid-tag- embedded-in-a-passport-for-safety-purposes.html
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23)"ISO RFID Standards: A Complete List." ISO RFID Standards: A Complete List. RFID Network, 13 Mar. 2012. Web. 27 Oct. 2012. <http://rfid.net/basics/186-iso-rfid-standards-a-complete-list->. Three Main Components:
RFID Network
RFID Middleware(?)
Existing Network (ERP) Network Integration Middleware Defined as: Software that provides services to applications beyond those available from the operating system. Is it going away?
Too Complex?
Open Sourced? Embedded Middleware: "Smart Readers" Pros:
Less Cost of Ownership
Functions Performed Locally Cons:
Independent Middlewares
Hardware Dependencies Configurations Piggyback Dedicated Readers Readers Edge Switch Edge Switch Middleware Enterprise Network Enterprise Network Switch Middleware Switch Switch Readers Readers RFID Standards and Practices Why are standards important? Ensure different products are interoperable between different entities such as government and industry
Develop guidelines which help to build complementary products such as readers and software.
Encourage competition, which lowers prices for customers.
Increase confidence in new technologies and ideas. RFID Standards relate to: Air interface communication protocols
Physical characteristics
Collision handling
Data Content
Data and how it is stored on a tag
Device Communication
How data is communicated from reader to computer
How specific products are to be used
How to evaluate level of compliance with standards RFID Standards Bodies EPCglobal Defines standards for the Electronic Product Code (EPC) and RFID.
EPC can carry valuable information about a product
Product name
Event times
Event descriptions
EPC is used by the Department of Defense and large retail companies International Standards Organization Many, many RFID standards ISO/IEC 14443 Proximity cards Part 1
Physical qualities of the card
Part 2
Communication field size
4 inches
Part 3
Collision handling
Part 4
Transmission protocol
Half-duplex block transmission Questions?
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