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Get to Know Neptune

Get know Neptune like fact see pictures great for projects. Made in 2013

Melissa Newhook

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Get to Know Neptune

by Melissa newhook
Neptune knowledge
who is Neptune named
how big is
gravity and orbit time
what was
Neptune's spot in space
and axis rotation.
atmosphere and temperature
Neptune was named after the roman god
of the sea because of the blueish color.

blueish color is caused
because of methane gas.
Neptune was discovered by Johann
gottfried[based on john c Adams and
urbain le verrir predictions] but first sighted by
Galileo in 1613 but did not recognize it was a
is the forth biggest planet in diameter,
also third by mass of 102,4e24 kg. Neptune has a radius of 24,622 km, surface area : 7,618,272,763.
is the eighth planet
and tilted 28.32 degrees . Neptune's days
16 hours and 11 minutes
if you where to were to weigh a hundred
pounds on earth you would weigh one hundred
thirteen pounds on Neptune, while orbiting around the sun in 169 years

fact:Neptune finished orbiting the sun in 2011.
if you want to know how much you would weigh on
Neptune multiply your weigh by 1.18
is made hydrogen,helium,
water,ammonia, trace
s of methane
and other ices , but unlike all gas
giant the ice portion is larger. fact:
the methane is what gives Neptune it's
blue color
The temperature on
is in the
range of 240 to 330 Fahrenheit.
how was Neptune
Neptune's composition
Neptune's top atmosphere is cloud tops, the atmosphere is made of hydrogen,helium and methane gas.the mantle is made of water,ammonia and methane ices,the core is rock and ice.
Neptune has 13 moons,Triton was discovered
17 days after Neptune was discovered.nereid
discovered by Gerard kuipher, Larissa the third moon was discovered in 1981 after finding
larissa they lost it until the voyager 2 arrived in 1989 so they found larissa and 5 more moons called naiad ,thalassa ,despina,galacta and
proteus which is 8 moon. but in 2002 -2003 5
more moons called hamelide, sao,pasamathe ,
laomedia and neso and now in total theres
13 moons on Neptune
human life on Neptune ? and rings
Neptune has 6 rings, NASA
says you can fly by Neptune
but not land on the gas giant
your rocket would explode
special features
Neptune's special features
is a great dark spot which
is actually a giant storm
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