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My Dream Vacation

No description

Caitlin Lube

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of My Dream Vacation

My Dream Europe Exploration Me! My Older Sister,
Current Status: In First year Med School
Why would I want to go on vacation with Ashley?
Ashley is extremely active and loves running even more than I do. I know that if we travelled together we would definately make time to run amazing routes across Europe
She is also the more responsible sister so will keep us out of trouble
Always down for doing really active siteseeing activites!
I am extremely comfortable and have no problem confronting her... we have been sisters for 21 years after all! WHO Am i Travelling with? Lindsay Ashley My Younger Sister,
Current Status: In Grade 12... heading off to Western for fall 2012
Why would I want to go on vacation with Lindsay?
Lindsay is extremely outgoing and loves to take part in new experiences and meet new people
She would definately encourage us to take in new cultures and experieneces throughout our travel
We have never travelled besides when we were extremely young...
Lindsay is finally old enough for us to have a real relationship, but the year that I move home from university, she is coming TO univeristy... this trip would be a great bonding experience!
My Thinking...
The three of us have never been on vacation TOGETHER since we were little. We barely see eachother during the year since we are all in different places, and when we do its for such little time!! (Christmas, Easter, Summer) I think it would be a great sister bonding experience and will be a memory we can share while we are at different schools!
... small How are we Travelling? First Stop: Amsterdam Paris Italy Greece From Amsterdam to Paris
Mom + Dad Lindsay, Caitlin, Ashley Another reason why this site is special:
Our Oma & Opa used to give us wooden tulips with our birthday presents every year when we were young! Hopefully during this trip we can find some and bring them back to our parents as souvineers! Im sure our dad would love it! Wooden Tulips Where will we stay?
With our dutch relatives of course!
Why Amsterdam?
Several years ago our cousins, uncle and aunt from Amsterdam came to stay with us for 2 weeks! They always told us that we were welcome to come visit them and promised they would show us around!
Well... now we are taking them up on that offer!!
What we Hope to Experience:
During our stay we hope to get a real feel for how families live in Amsterdam
we hope to taste dutch home cooked meals, watch their television, and explore their everyday lives
Ultamitely learn more about our relatives!!! we have the same blood after all!
The Dutch Family! Price: 9.50 Euros
http://www.annefrank.org/en/Museum/Practical-information/Online-ticket-sales/ Price: We are hoping to stick to 80 Euros per person for our nights out! Prices:
Lunch at Le 58 Tour Eiffel: 75 Euros
Lift Entrance to the Top of Eiffel Tower: 12 Euros pp Egyptian Exhibits
Explore the Beautiful Architecture of the building! Price: 8.50 Euros (Price: 1.50 Euros) Where to stay in Paris? Relax in the beautiful spa Enjoy the Pool + Sauna Sink into the luxurious beds Hang out in the Lobbey The amazing scenary will make this run spectacular!
This run will very likely be my favorite event all throughout Paris!!!
Jardin du Luxembourg is claimed to be one of Paris’ largest and most gorgeous parks, there is lively green grass, extravagant statues, and innovative water fountains with Crystal clear blue waters
Ashley and I will definitely love this place and will probably find it hard to ever stop running to head home!
I can envision this being one of the most beautiful runs I ever go on in my life, and will likely remember the experience forever
Its not everyday that your exercise can be this inspiring! This experience will be VERY different from a treadmill run the student rec center that’s for sure!

My Favourite Running shoe brand= Asics!
My Running shoes will definately be packed on this trip, and will get lots of use! Have Casual Drinks in the bar Rome The pantheon is a must see tourist attraction in Rome! It is one of the most recognized and oldest monuments still standing
We will definitely stand in the middle of the structure and look up into the sky! I have heard it is absolutely incredible, and will be different from any building I have ever seen! It will be amazing to reflect on how many other people have stood in this exact spot and how many people visit this site annually
Our old house had unique pillars and people always thought it looked like a Greek house! This will definitely make us laugh and will be interesting to compare to our house
This trip will give us a great insight to ancient Rome and will definitely leave us awe-stricken!
1. The Pantheon Suite Room with
Seperated Living Room

--> Amazing Balcony 2. The Trevi Fountain The Trevi Fountain is one of Romes most spectacular attractions
There is a stature of neptune the god of the sea in the center
The real reason why WE are travelling to this site is definately inspired by the Lizzie Mcguire movie, "When in Rome." This was Lindsay and Mines favourite movie for ages, and Hilary Duff's coin toss into the water was an epic scence!! We definately want to do the same and have our own adventure to rome
The myth behind the fountain is that those who toss a coin backwards over their shoulder are guarenteed a return to the external city of rome! Price of both Attractions: Free Our Ridiculous Inspiration!

3. The Colosseum The colosseum will definately be one of my favourite stops throughout this trip!
In Kin, we often talk about sports from the ancient worlds in Greece and Rome, so it would be extremely neat to see this colosseum in person!
It would be so inspiring to see the actual location where so many games and gladiator battles took place thousands of years ago!
Further reason to visit is from the recommendation of our cousin who visited the colosseum several years ago and said it was one of her favourite travel visits of all time!
We will definately be really excited to stop here and explore as much ancient culture as possible!
Cousin: Brittney and boyfriend Jordan at the colosseum Florence
The Campanille Bell Tower provides a magnificient view of Florence
It is 278 feet high and has 414 stairs
Obviously being athletes we will love this challenge and will climb all of these stairs (probably racing to the top...) and will take in the beautiful views
This will be a great activity to get in some exercise and take in an incredible view of our first time in Florence!
Price: 6 Euros 1. Climbing the Campanille Bell Tower 2. Eat Gelato for Breakfast!
We will live like royalty for 2 days in the Junior suite with a large rooftop terrace
The reason why I chose the Westin is because of their AMAZINGLY "heavenly" bed and bath products. I have stayed at the Intercontinential in Toronto and the bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on!!
we will definately enjoy tasting a glass of chardonnay on our roof top patio, indulging in room service and observing the beautiful sites this hotel has to offer
Price of 2 day stay : 2,680 CAD/AM includes continential breakfast
Where to stay in Florence? The Westin Excelsior The amazing roof top view from our room
Gelato Shop: Festival del Gelato
We have done some research and this Gelato shop looks absolute divine
I can already taste the delicious flavours now!!!
Both my sisters are health conscious and LOVE gelato, so this will be a really fun experience!
fun fact: Gelato is lower in fat and calories than American ice cream, all the reason to have more!

While in Italy we hope to enjoy many traditional Italian foods and drinks!!
Drink: lots of wine & mineral water
Food we hope to try:
pasta with wild boar sauce
cannoli with ricotta filling
bruchetta! (my favourite)
a delicious italian pizza!

Ever since I learned/heard about Santorini years ago I have always wanted to visit, the all white buildings contrasted against the blue waves look incredible
The views look so magnificent they don’t seem real, It would be so neat to stay on this beautiful Island and absorb all of the culture and scenery!
The island literally looks like it could be a fantasy from Disney land! I cant wait to explore it, and possibly jog around the beautiful landscapes and look at all of the homes.

Side Note: The buildings with the blue roofs remind me of the palace in Alladin (the disney movie)
Aladins palace has nothing on Santorini.... I would love to visit this beach, and have an ultamite day of relaxation. Im sure by this point we will be tired out from travelling and doing so much site seeing!
Ive researched this beach and it looks like perfect spot to relax and enjoy ourselves
The dark sand will make it different from any beach I have ever been to, and the rocky landscape will provide a breathtaking view!
I cant wait to feel the sand between my toes

This tram ride looks absolutely spectacular, and the view is incredible!
Even though I have a fear of heights I would most certainly put it behind me to take part in such a invigorating experience
This is likely to be one of the best views I have ever seen! (watch the youtube video!)
I decided this wold be an important activity because its similar to an experience we had 5 years ago in Alberta! It was lots of fun even if I was tightly gribbing the seat and completely pertrified! Well worth it!

This hotel is right off the cliff of Oia, a village of Santorini
It has a beautiful view of the volcano and blue Aegean sea against the sky!
We would stay in a two bedoom suite for 5 days, for a total of $849.55 CAD
We decided to stay at this quaint hotel in hopes that it will give us a more personal feel for Santorini. We like that it is small, and we think it would be a great fit for the duration our stay!
We are excited to fully explore Santorini, and learn from the people we meet! It will be fasinating to meet the people lucky enough to live on this beautiful island year round!

Enjoy the view from the terrace Have breakfast outside 1. Santorini Tram Ride 2. Perissa Beach, Santorini Where to stay in Santorini? VIP SUITES Why Santorini?

- Panathinaiko Stadium where the first Olympic Games took place in 1896
- Museum of Cycladic Art, home to ancient Aegean artifacts- Byzantine Museum
- War Museum
- National Gallery
- The Prime Minister's residence
- Former Royal Palace, guarded by the colorful Evzons- Zappion Garden

- Temple of Zeus
- Hadrian's Arch, a monumental gateway resembling a Roman triumphal

- St. Paul's Church
- Old and New Parliament

- Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

- Constitution Square

- Acropolis
- Propylaea

- Parthenon, temple of the goddess of wisdom Athena

- the Erechteion
- Museum of Acropolis

Booked through City Discovery: http://www.city-discovery.com/greece_athens_tours/tour.php?id=45
Price: 70 Euros Per Person

Why a Guided Tour?
Since we have never been to Greece, and dont have any close friends or family who have been we decided to play it safe. We will have a 5 hour tour day with a group and see as many sites as we possibly can. This will ensure that we dont miss anything.

Since we are not all day tour group type travellers...
We will definately plan for the next day to be more relaxing, as after this, we will likely be exhausted of siteseeing and will probably spend the day casually hanging around the hotel or relaxing! 2. A Guided Tour of Athens! Athens Where to stay? The Hera Hotel,
We will stay in Athens for 3 nights at the Hera hotel. It is located very close to main attractions, shops and local bars
Well stay in a Jr. Suite with an Acropolis view and enjoy breakfast on the terrace!
The total cost for the 3 days will be $748.00 Canadians dollars
We Booked through Hotels.com
The list of places on Tour: On Florida vacations when we were young, our family would always head to the beach during sunset and watch the sun slowly fall below the shore line
This is why we MUST see the sunset at Cape Sounion, it is just outside of Athens and is known for its incredible sunset view
This will be a great way to wrap up a trip, and will remind us of all the great times we have had on other vacations!
The view is admired through the temple of Poseldon, which also looks absolutely amazing! This will definitely be different from the Florida sunsets we have seen

1. View the Sunset @ Cape Sounion Syntagma Square

Syntagma square is located in the heart of Athens, and is composed of the surrounding streets, buildings and open areas
There are Two green areas, a huge water fountain, the Greek Parliament, plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops and offices are found here!
We will definitely make time for lunch and enjoy some greek cuisine.
Horiatki Salata= Village Salad
Greek Cuisine Italian Cuisine While in Greece we hope to indulge in the following food + drink
A REAL greek salad- Lindsays favourite type of salad!
Spinach Pie
Kalamari (my favourite!!)
cheese pie - Sounds terrible, but you never know!
Spinach Pie
Also notes, Greek dinners start around 10 pm! we better adjust our sleep patterns Spinach Pie Cheese Pie Gyro Meat By Plane, Direct Flight From Toronto --> Amsterdam
Delta Air Lines Flight 9398
Booked on the Flight Network
Price for One person= 1463.22 before tax,

All included, 3 one way flights = 5221.14 $
https://www.flightnetwork.com/flights/showflight Direct Flight, Amsterdam --> Paris
Booked through E Ddreams.net
144 Canadian/Us Dollars before tax per person,
Grand Total= $432.00 CAD

https://www.edreams.net/engine/ItinerarySelection/selectItinerary Paris to Rome, Italy We will stay in Paris for a week, Total Hotel Costs approximately = $4803 CAD Direct Flight from Paris --> Rome
3 Adults, including taxes = 229.38 $ Canadian Dollars
Easy Jet US, 4245 Economy

Booked on Travel Europe
http://flights2.traveleurope.com/vg1/booking/booking1.action?idBooking=136255178&error= Rome to Florence Taking my first train ride! First class, from Rome --> Florence
Cost per person: 114.00t
Total costs= 342

Booked through EuroRailways http://www.eurorailways.com/products/trains_tickets/romflo.htm Florence to Santorini 2 Transfer flights from Florence --> Santorni
3 people taxes included = 2,204.92 CAN
Booked through EDreams
https://www.edreams.net/engine/ItinerarySelection/selectItinerary Santorini to Athens
Direct Flight
3 People Taxes Included: 313.33
Booked through E Dreams
http://www.edreams.net/engine/ItinerarySearch/disambiguate Santorini to Athens 3. Museo Zoologico La Specola This will definately be Ashleys favourite attraction, it is a must see for science lovers!
thousands of specimens, and very unique for our trip!
This will be great to switch things up
The End From Athens to Toronto Direct Flight on Jet Airways Flight 229
3 People Total Cost = 1332.00 CAD

Booked through Gala Travels

http://res.galatravels.com/prices.aspx By: Caitlin Lubberdink This trip would be a dream for me for many different reasons. It involves site-seeing, adventures and taking part in activities I have never done before. But most of all, doing all these things with my two sisters is why it would be the most amazing. Through these experiences we would definately bond, get closer than ever, and experience things we otherwise would likely not be able to given our budgets and conflicting schedules. Through this vacation we would definately learn to live in the moment, taste & enjoy our indulgences, see our surroundings more clealry, hear the sounds of different places, and learn alot about ourselves, eachother and the people we meet. We would engage ourselves in culture + food, sleep less, do more and be excited to wake up and explore something new everyday. Why is this a dream to ME? Total Damages$$ (In Canadian/American)
Flights: $10,064.85
Total Flight + Hotels (no food/activities included)= $24,360.85 This location was recommended by one of my close friends who travelled to Holland the previous summer! Additional Info: 1 Euro = 1.3175 US dollars
2 weeks in Netherlands
2 Weeks in Paris
5 Days in Rome
2 Days in Florence
5 Days in Santorini
3 Days in Athens
= Our 43 Day Europe Adventure!
Quick Summary of our Trip
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