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Career Shadowing

Amanda Shank

Amanda Shank

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing Purpose of the Company Where will this Company be in fifteen years What employability skills are needed for this company? Average Salary Technology Types skills needed for this job Liked Best Dislikes Pursue this career? James Auto Sales Amanda Shank The purose of this company is to buy used vechiles, fix them and then sell them. This company will most likely be closed down beause the owner will be most likely retaired by then and has no one to take it over. In this business you have to use all of the employability skills. Follow Instructions:
You have to listen to the boss to know what t look for in the car to fix it and what to fix. Do Assigned Work:
When the boss says to do something then they go and do it. Be Prepared:
Take tools and dianostic equitment that is needed for that days wrok. In this job you do have to dress apporpriately.
Uniform: Work shoes, no jewlery, long pants, and a unfiform shirt. There is no set time they have to be at this job. It all depends on the economy.
If it's going good then you would make 50,000 and up.
If it isn't going so great then you would only make 50,000 or lower. This job pretty much has everything technology based in it.
Examples: Computer based handheld dionostic equitment, scoope to look at inside of cars, and other mechanical technology. You wouldn't need almost any social skills for this job. Training is needed all the time in this job. Everything is almost always being updated because of the new technology. Knowing how to fix and dignose cars. I would not do this career because the fact is, there is no longer any money in it. Also, because this exact company won't be around when I can get a job and I wouldn't want to this job anyways. I learned many things about cars. How to check all the fluids in the car and also how to check the air prussure in the tires. Plus I was with my Daddy all day.
:D I don't like the fact that there is pretty much no money in it and that you get really greasy and discusting by the end of the day.
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