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No description

Glenn Connelly

on 12 December 2017

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Transcript of G8-12.12

ESWBAT make suggestions for improvements on a peer's essay
ESWBAT improve an essay based on peer feedback
Image by Tom Mooring
Whole Class
im so happy that the final draft of the essay is due after winter break
Prepare to take notes on new methods of peer review:
Group Project
Due Thursday

Essay Final Draft
Due Monday after break
Sondos + Helen
What did we learn?
TC + Avery
Jenny + Junhyi
Niamh + Seon Jin
MA + Song Hoon
-good overall structure
-I like the conclusion
not all of your quotes/examples were connected to your thesis
yes, "jack likes hunting"
how LOTF shows evil humans
1) they kill Simon .....
The first example was well-connected to your thesis, but the second needs to be explained more
no, missing "evil humans"
the world would be a better place if...
mostly, except paragraph 2
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