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MLK Assassination: Coincidence or No?

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Kristen Benitez

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of MLK Assassination: Coincidence or No?

The Details of the Assassination
Did the government take part or not?
After the shot was fired, witnesses say that they saw James Earl Ray flee from a room directly across King's room. They found a pair of binoculars and a rifle with his finger prints on them
The government found James Earl Ray two months after the assassination in an airport, attempting to flee the country and using a fake passport. He was arrested and charged with King's murder.
By Kristen Benitez
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?
November 15th - December 8th, 1999
Coretta Scott King vs. Loyd Jowers
Leader of the Southern Christian Leaders Council
Started the ideal of using non-violent protest to take action against discrimination and segregation.
Became the face of the Civil Rights Movement.
Coordinated campaigns in Birmingham, Montgomery, and Albany. (Alabama and Georgia.)
Lead the March on Washington, "I Have A Dream" speech.
Pressured the federal government to end segregation and discrimination.
Assassinated on the balcony of his Tennessee hotel room on April 4th, 1968.
A tape with a conversation between Jowers, Ambassador Andrew Young and King's son was recorded, with Jowers stating his mafia connections, using government surveillance on MLK and his colleagues, and the use of the Memphis Police Department on the day of the assassination. Jowers goes on to state that there were thick bushes directly behind his restaurant across the balcony from where King was shot, and that LT. Earl Clark had laid the smoking rifle in the back door, and Jowers disassembled and disposed of the rifle with the help of his friend, who threw it over the bridge into the river. Various other witnesses stated that the Memphis Police Department received orders from various government agencies to isolate King from the security he had (e.g. Black Panther members, SCLC members, etc.) The final verdict of this case founded several agencies within the federal government along with the Memphis Police Department guilty of wrongful death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK Assassination: Coincidence or No?
King's colleague, Ralph David Abernathy, rushed outside to King on the ground bleeding profusely. Abernathy suspected he was dead, but King still had a pulse.
King was shot with a .30-60 bullet from a Remington Model 760. The bullet went through his right cheek, traveled through his jugular artery and lodged into his shoulder.
The King family believed that Ray did not take part in the murder of MLK, but did not make any assumptions until 1999.
In 1993, Loyd Jowers had confessed to working with parts of the Mafia and the U.S. government to come with a plan to assassinate King. They used James Earl Ray as a scapegoat.
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