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Madison Barnhill

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Madison Barnhill

The Tragic Beginning
Chapter one, the Great Depression is just getting into its tragic times and starting to break people apart. Frances' father was a very wealthy businessman but when the depression hit he lost everything. The struggle and money loss started to get to him so he thought taking his life would be the best way leaving his daughter and servants with nothing left but an empty house.
Pack your bags
Frankie is handed her train ticket and told to pack only what she needs because her things are no longer hers. Junius talks about becoming a hobo going from place to place finding work and earning money and his next meal, but since Frankie didn't want to move in with her aunt. She listened closely to what Junius had to say about being a Bo.
Chapter 4
Frances begins to morn over her fathers death playing her harmonica trying to add notes that will sound with the way she feels. Frankie also begins to think about giving her aunt a chance but she also wonders if living with her aunt will be like living with her father.
Chapter 5
Frankie is in her room when her cab shows up. She is trying to get up and say her goodbyes but she is struggling. She made it downstairs said her goodbyes and left. The cab dropped her off at the train station getting her assistance to her train car. Frankie is getting settled in her room, then escapes get off the train, runs and cashes in her ticket for cash.
She's a runnin'
Frankie makes a break from the train station with her money running about four blocks before even turning around to see if anyone was chasing her. Once Frankie finally slowed down to catch her breath she noticed a freight train, just like the ones Junius described. Frankie standing tempted to get on the train seeing two others get on she waited but she got caught by the cop. Playing it off as if she was lost. Getting away from the cop... she hopes on the train.
Where do I belong?
Not where I'm going.
Chapter 2 takes place in Philedalphia in the mix of the bank forclosing on
Frankie and her fathers house leaving all of the servants and Frakie homeless. The servants start to worry about where they will live and what they will do for food and money. Frankie on the other hand doesnt have to worry about that she has a place to go but she worries about if she will like moving to Chicago with her aunt.
Madison barnhill
Nowhere to call home
Chapter 7
Frankie is in her train car scared enough already but now it is super dark and she hears a noise. Frankie then notices that there is someone else in the cart with her. She then meets Stewpot. Frankie convinces Stewpot that she is a boy because she doesn't want him to abandon her. Stewpot and Frankie go to a jungle to get food and along the way they meet other hobos and stay the night at the camp.
Chapter 8
Frankie and Stewpot get off the train and make their way to their first stop in a jungle where they will find food, water, and a place to stay the night. Along the way they meet other hobos both male and female.
Chapter 9&10
Frankie and Stewpot associate with other hobos for a little while then go and try to find some work to earn some food. After returning with food the hobos then eat and lay down for bed. After while Stewpot asks Frankie to play a song on her harmonica. Soothing all the others to sleep Frankie stays her first night in a jungle.
Chapter 11
Frankie wakes up in the morning to find everything around her being real. She had really just stayed the night in a jungle as a hobo. Frankie looks around to find others up and moving around. When Frankie goes to clean up she finds out her bag had been stolen. With the help of a few others her bag was found with all of Frankie's nice things missing. Frankie and Stewpot go to buy a knife for Frankie and head to their next train.
Chapter 12&13
Frankie and Stewpot make their way back to the rail yard. Flippin' her first train Frankie makes it on for her next free ride. Stewpot shares that one of his hidden talents is whittling, and he goes on to teach Frankie to whittle.
Chapter 14-16
Frankie and Stewpot are on the train and Stewpot teaches Frankie how to whittle.
Chapter 17-19
In chapters 17-19 Frankie and Stewpot go to jail and Frankie begins to learn a lot more about Stewpot and his past and Frankie shares some about hers too. Frankie tells Stewpot that she comes from a wealthy family and that she is a female, and Stewpot tells Frankie about his father being abusive to him and his real name. Stewpot also becomes ill.
Chapters 20-24
Stewpot is very sick now and Frankie spends her money on medicine blankets and clothes just so she can try to make Stewpot better. Frankie and Stewpot travel to the mountains and make it but along the way Stewpot becomes even worse. Frankie and Stewpot make it the mission where they spend the night at.
Chapter 25-26
Stewpot dies and Frankie then starts to blame herself saying she could have tried harder to get him to Chicago. After sitting for moments with Stewpot's head in her lap Frankie then gets help and buries Stewpot. Leaving the mission Frankie decides it's best to head to Chicago to her aunts. After the four day train ride Frankie makes it to her aunt's only to find a cat carved into her aunts fence post showing that her house was open to hobos.
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