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Migration: By Logan

No description

John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Migration: By Logan

Migration: By Logan
My Story Of Migrating to Wongbo
It is the year 1848 and I have heard about gold in Wongbo. My name is Logan and I am 24. I have enough money to ride the ship called Lady Wilma. I am now going on to the Lady Wilma to Wongbo. I live in Canada. The ship is going to stop in U.S.A to ride bulls in Texas and then on to Wongbo.
Year 1848
I am now in Texas and my birthday has passed I am now 25. I am excited to ride a bull because it is my first time. The bull I want to ride is the black one. They call the bull Duster. The bull is for pros but I am a fast learner. Later on.... I have been taught how to ride a bull now I am going to ride Duster so I can tame him. 2 hours later... I have won a trophy for taming him and now I am going to go to Hoffer in Africa.
Year 1849
I am now in Hoffer we are staying here for 4 years until we get to the goldfields in Wongbo. So far in our 1st year I have got a haircut. People say they like my haircut but I think they are lying. But next year I am going to get a mohawk. I am enjoying it in Hoffer the people are pretty nice and they have good food to eat. I stay in this hotel called The Renscur.
Year 1857
It has been a long time but we are now in Wongbo. We lost some people because it was very stormy and it rained too hard but we made it. I am getting off the boat right now and I am going to go to the goldfields. Later on... I am now in the goldfields I hope I collect 5 nuggets because then I will have 50k dollars. I have collected 5 nuggets and I am rich. Now I am at Westwood Buffet. ¨Whew I am full¨ now I am going to buy myself a hotel. I have bought it now I am going to sleep. I am going to have a great year now forever.
Year 1862
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