The Internet belongs to everyone. Let’s keep it that way.

Protect Net Neutrality
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Online for

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Prateek p

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Online for

Online Rules For Kids
By: Prateek and Vraj
Guard Your Privacy
It is important to safeguard your information online because it could lead to identity theft and other misuse
An example would be someone using your home address from your profile page to track you down
Think Before You Do
Think before you post or upload
If you post something that you think is funny, but could be mean to others
Think twice before you post because they may remain in the archives even if you delete them
Mind Your Language
Before you post or send some thing, think, will this hurt some one, if it is a yes, then don't send it.
Avoid using bad language
Privacy Online
Remember anything you say or do can be copied and pasted
People can copy and paste your stuff with out your permission
Do not give away any important information about yourself
Always Know That People Are Watching
When you are on the internet always assume that people are watching you, it could even be your teacher and your parents
Apply The Golden Rule
If you don't want to hear something bad then don't say anything bad online
Be Smart And Safe
Remember not everyone is who they say they are
So be careful who you tell things online

Never tell
Anyone your
Personal information

Thank You For Listening
and We hope you
learned something about
the Online Rules

For Kids.
Pictures borrowed from GOOGLE.
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