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No description

Tasfia Ahsan

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of edng

By: Tasfia, Gary, Rose,
Serena, Mojitha and Anjali Aladdin Criticism Jungian Freudian Myth Marxist Feminist Readers'
Response Shadow Anima Persona Thief Individuation Ashamed of being poor Wish to be rich Worthy of Jasmine Ideal person: Jasmine Attempts to appear as a Prince Perfection False persona Prince on the outside not the inside Symbols Archetypes Magical hourglass Genie and magic lamp Apple Quest - Journey Fairy godmother/ caring parental figure Damsel in distress Villain Hero Id Ego Superego Study of Gender Study in power Social Discrimination Dependency on men Pleasure principle Lightness to darkness Removal of clothing Change of appearance Isolation Wish to be prince Giving food to hungry Interpellation Proletariat - Aladdin Bourgeoisie - Jafar, Sultan Commodification False Consciousness Current Ideologies Economic Power Separation of class Dialectical materialism Past Only female character Guards not listening to her order Serves only as Aladdin's lover Intelligent Rebellious Fair to steal food if poor? Living without parents is an excuse for mischief? Rich is ignorant? Marriage by class? Poor aspiring to be rich? Thank you for listening!
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