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Learning Map

Learning is difficult to map, it cannot have a linear approach, we learn as we exist, we learn as we live, as we breath as we walk- talk- speak- eat- see- drink- hear, and even while we speak. So heres, my map: an overview!

Deepika Sharma

on 10 July 2010

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Transcript of Learning Map

Literature Concentration Language Thinking a thought! Learning by Percieving Socially defined roles by
age...gender...caste...class...nationality...economic status Values, Morals
Learning By Default ;) the Rules while always
living in an exception! Social Networking sites have outgrown the purpose of simple netwroking, Facebook profile is literally the 'personality' of a user, The Status updates speak the minds of the user... Well yes I am glued to My Ipod too.. Heres what I learn while having fun! Froggy Jump: learnt physics; Laws of Gravity
Unblock me: learnt problem solving strategies!
Shift: learnt time management ;)
Fall down: learnt dealing with failure

List goes on ..... :) as they keep adding new aps! New Delhi My Institutional Learning School : art of 'how to learn!'
Making Friends,
Working in Teams, Leading groups, valuing education...
College: select what you want to learn or 'unlearn' !
Education in true sense !
with the blend of Human Deve and theatre..
I learnt the subtlities of Human Emotions, Children's expressions, and importance of Inclusion and Diversity!

Discussions with Friends has been critical in my learning! Family - the first learning institution Basic cognitive, physical, social and intellectual skills are developed in the guidance of primary caregiver. The influence of family is not limited to childhood, but an individual carries all through the life and thus impacts learning in a big way! Learning begins with self reflection
Learning with Theatre: Living a character Expression Depth and theories of emotion Perspective taking working in a team winning loosing Confidence Determination Literature Road to the past! A new country Concious learning, every day! New Languages, Cultures, Systems, Seasons Need to learn In order to live in a new enviroment, Learning and then accepting/adapting is the key to survival ;) Marriage Love Family Ideas of Religion Rigidity of Stereotypes Dynamics of relations Opening your windows to the newer possiblities leads to learning. One with curiousity can learn with the littlest things Nature Humility Creation Essence of beauty Balance EnDleSs PoSSibiLiTieS! Power of words eXPLORING Go Oggle! Gobbling
Information Orbits to Rabbits! Outer and Inner realities Gambling authenticity Learn to organise massive Information Expertise Music=Relaxation=enhanced learning! Global News Global Entertainment My Learning Map (learning in itself!) Imag ination Madhya Pradesh Internship with Unicef Rural India Education and Literacy Impact of programmes of community I learnt I can hike too! By Deepika Sharma Internship in NY Commitment, event management, Indian communities in US, difference of learning in an educational vs. a job environment. Breaking Rigid boundaries learnt over years! Learning 'places' are without boundaries, just like this map I have created. Learning is a process, which continues as we breathe, percieve, and act in our inner and outer environment. In this map I have categorized the kinds of learning process and various ‘places’ where my maximum learning takes place. Beginning from the core, learning is an internal process too, which involves reflecting upon one’s own ideas and thoughts. But where do thoughts come from??? Well I dont know about every one.. but for me.. I love to see my page as it reflects me... Perception, though not completly true, but is unbiased learning.
We perceive certain information provided to us, when we watch television per say, we perceive the moving images and make meanings out of it Learning Continues... God and its mystical idea fascinates me and motivates towards learning and knowing more about it! Painting Writing Dancing Singing While I enjoyed working for the first time with Prezi, I have tried all the possible ways to do justice to my learning map! These thoughts can come from many sources/slightest stimulations, or even none sometimes. However, I begin with Books.Here we go... source 'places' of my learning!
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