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Medusa's Traits

No description

Amy Kim

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Medusa's Traits

Medusa's Story,biography:

Most people think that Medusa was a ugly and evil, merciless, and
cold-hearted monster. She was not always this way. Medusa was one
of Athena's most important servant. She was also the most beautiful
person in Greece. But Poseidon who was Athena's father took notice of
her beauty and took interest in her. Of course Medusa didn't give her
interest back. Athena was furious.

Medusa was innocent but Athena
had already turned her into a hideous gorgon and with a single look she
turned people to stone. This curse

eventually made her alone. She
couldn't go near people even including her friends. The final
punishment Athena gave Medusa was sending her off to a

island. The island was called Cisthene. This had made Medusa so

that she began to start turning people who came to the island to stone.
Then the rumor started since there were people who never came back
from the island.. Medusa was not ugly and cold-hearted in the first
place. Though I cannot exactly know for sure but she could have been
a kind and warm-hearted beauty. People only thought of this because
of the rumor. In the end Medusa was turned to a gorgon because she
was different from other people. But it also depends on which story you are telling.
Medusa's Relatives
Medusa's parents are Phorcys (father) and Ceto (mother). Her sisters are Echidna, Euryale, the Graeae (Deinos, Enyo, and Pephredo), Scylla, Sirens, Stheno, and Thoosa. Typhon is her brother in law, Chrysaor and pegasus were her sons (since they came out of her head), Callirhoe was her daughter-in-law, Geryon her grandson who has deceased, Cerberus Hydra Ladon Nemean lion and Orthus were her nephews, Chimaera Phaea and Sphinx were her nieces, Damballah Yamato-no-orochi were her paternal uncles, Tarssesos as her paternal aunts, Set as her paternal grandfather, Gaea as her maternal grandmother, Pontus as her maternal grandfather, Hyppus as her great-uncles, Demiurge as her grandfather, and many other distant relatives.
Medusa's Fun facts
1. She was known to be the representative for women' rage
2. She has the strength to stop anything in it's tracks
3. She was the only one in her family to be immortal
4. She is most of the time called ugly but some stories say that her beauty is what turned people to stone
5. Her name means "guardian" or "protectness"
6. Her head is mostly seen on protective symbols
7. There is a legend that she visited Africa and some baby snakes fell off of her so that's why there are so many snakes in Africa
8. She is shown on the flag of Sicily and a village in Czech Republic
9. Even her dead head alone can turn people to stone

Medusa's father was Phorcys and his parents were pontus and gaia. His siblings were Nereus, Thaumas, Ceto and Eurybia. His children were the Hesperides, the Gorgons, the Graeae, Thoosa, Scylla, Echidna, and Ladon. His wife also his sister was Ceto. He was also the eldest of his siblings. He looked like a fish-tailed merman with crab-clawed arms and red scaled skin. He was a god of the hidden dangers of the sea.
Medusa's mother was Ceto. Ceto's parents were Pontus and Gaia. She is a sibling of her husband Phorcys and has the same children of Phorcys. She was the godess of the dangerous marine animals of the sea such as sharks, whales, etc. Ceto was also a sea monster herself. But her appearance is unknown. Her name was Crataeis as in "mighty" and traienus as in "within three years".
Medusa's Grandfather was Pontus who was known as the first god of the sea with sea creatures. His mother is Gaia and his father is unknown. Pontus remarried with his mother Gaia, and had Phorcys Neremus, Ceto.
Medusa's story
In the old version,Medusa with her two sisters Stheno(eldest)
and Euryale(second eldest),who were the children of Phorcys and Ceto,were born as gorgons.Phorcys and Ceto were under world monsters from the ancient world.Medusa,Stheno,Euryale were descendents from the Graeae(the three gray old women).

In the new version,Medusa was the servant of Athena,but Poseidon
got interest in Medusa.Athena got mad,so she turned Medusa into a
Perseus' win
Perseus' mother,Danae was very beautiful.So Polydectes wanted to marry Danae.But Perseus was always with hi mother ,so he had a plan to get rid of him.He pretended to marry a daughter to one of his friend.Everybody had to bring a present.But poor Perseus had no money to buy a present,Then Polydectes told him to bring the head of Medusa.While on his voyage to get the head of Medusa,Hermes and Athena gave him the sickle that Cronos used to defeat Uranus
and Zeus used to defeat Typhoeus,Hermes' magical sandals and Athena's shield shiny enough to reflect Medusa's image.Then they told him that the nymths know where is Medusa.He beat the nymths,so they told him how to get to the gorgons' lair.(Which is now called the cave Cisthene on an island in the Red Sea.When Perseus saw Medusa,she and her gorgon sisters were asleep.He swung the sickle and cut through Medusa's neck.He put Medusa's head into the magical wallet,which he got from the nymths.Soon,Medusa's sisters woke up and attracked Perseus,but he flew quickly away by his winged sandals.
Visual Representation
Before Medusa changes into a monster,she had smooth,darkish skin,with big clear hazel eyes and dread locked hair.She was the most beautiful person in Greece.After she has been cursed by Athena because of Athena jealousness,Medusa turned into a gorgon,with green skin and snakes for hair.In the Percy Jackson movies,Medusa has 30 heads.Her eyes are green.She also got two,long sharp teeth in the front.She wore Greek rebes,and after she was cursed,she would wear a veil to cover her face.With snake belt.
Medusa represents alot of things. But she would mostly represent vainness women's rage, or jealously. Vainness would mean meaningless, worthless, no value, or unsatisfying. Since Medusa was a woman she would mean women rage meaning violent uncontrolled anger because she would turn men to stone. She would feel jealous because she was different.
Visual Representation:
Character Traits:
There are three versions of how can Medusa be a gorgon.
In one of the versions,Medusa was a very beautiful mortal that even Athena was jealous about her beautyness.So Athena turned Medusa to a gorgon.She can not look at anyone,as if she sees a mortal,the mortal will turn to a stone. Then she was sent to a lone island. Soon her loneliness turned to rage.

In the other version,Medusa was Athena's servant.But Poseidon got interest in Medusa,so Athena turned Medusa to a gorgon.

The third version is more realistic.Medusa is borned as a gorgon,with sea monster family.And got killed by Perseus.
ThE End

Medusa's Relatives:
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