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Webquest Review

EDCI718 Three Webquest Reviews

Beth Hecht

on 20 February 2011

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Transcript of Webquest Review

Webquest Reviews Where is the Worst Weather? Do yourself a service-Volunteer Sports Drinks Overall Design Ease of Use Use of HOTS This quest is very well designed. The animated icons draw in the student making the quest appear fun and exciting. Thoughtful design was put into tying related icon images to each of the roles. Links are appropriately listed for each role. The layout is attractive with a variety of several weather images. Rating 2/3 Student roles require an exercise in research, interpretation, decision making, creativity and/or effective communication. Some roles would tend toward use of HOTS more so than others. Downsizing the number of students/group might aid this. I do however like how the range of roles could allow for students to determine their individual strengths in group collaboration. Consistent icons and format make this webquest easy to use. Thorough details and expectations are spelled out for each role including specific links for that role. The role each student is to complete and contribute to the group’s effort is well defined. Mid to upper elementary students would be able to work through this webquest with little or no assistance from the teacher. Rating 3/3 Rating 3/3 Overall Score & Evaluation “Where is the Worst Weather?” contains numerous characteristics of a high quality webquest. It uses an exciting topic to engage students in an effective learning process. Rating 8/9 Overall Design Overall Design Ease of Use Ease of Use Use of HOTS Use of HOTS Some graphics exist on this webquest but lack quality and excitement. Images are limited to sketchy clipart. The use of technology and general appeal would be lacking for the high school level. Rating 2/3 Navigation is fairly simple in this webquest. The steps begin as concise and meaningful. It seems to drop off toward the end of the process though as it attempts to describe the ending result and how it will be shared. For this grade level, the links seemed limited especially in encouraging ongoing volunteer service in the conclusion. Rating 2/3 While I feel this quest falls short in group collaboration, it does require the student to engage in learning deeper aspects of their chosen organization and calls for them to reflect on their personal volunteer experience. I think a better use of technology could be applied here such as a blog. Since this quest is targeted for high school, college & adult, an allowance for personal judgement should be used in choosing what tool would best portray their experience. This would contribute for more HOTS development. Rating 2/3 Overall Score & Evaluation “Do yourself a service - Volunteer” has the potential for leading youth through a powerful volunteer experience. With some adjustments, this webquest could be improved from good to great. Rating: 6/9 http://questgarden.com/114/86/6/101122102256/index.htm
While this webquest uses limited images, it does have good use of color and attractiveness. Well spaced text and colored heading banners contribute to its readability. The design seems to be appropriate for its targeted audience of middle school students. Due to the realistic situation presented and thorough role explanations, this webquest is extremely easy to use. A solid list of resource links specific for each role is evident clear to the conclusion. Navigation through the conclusion links are palatable enough to motivate students toward further learning. This webquest’s use of HOTS is strong. I really like how each student has a specific role to research followed by group discussion and evaluation. I really like how the collaboration leads into application. A variety of mediums are used throughout this learning process. It’s very reflective of true group problem solving. Rating: 3/3 Rating: 3/3 Rating: 3/3 Overall Score & Evaluation “Sports Drinks” is a well designed webquest that engages middle school students in an inquiry based learning method using effective strategies. Rating: 9/9 http://www.questgarden.com/70/85/7/081003202228/index.htm
http://questgarden.com/70/06/0/080911073122/index.htm EDCI718 WebQuest Review Assignment
by Beth Hecht
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