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The Wine of Astonishment- Chapter 1

No description

C Dacon

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of The Wine of Astonishment- Chapter 1

The Wine of Astonishment
Earl Lovelace Themes Conflict Chapter 1
Bee Goes to see Ivan Morton Chapter 1 Summary Introduction to the Dorcas family. Their son, Reggie, has failed his examination Bee and Eva debate over whether they should ask Ivan Morton for help. They express hope and disappointment tin Ivan Morton.
Introduced to the romance between Joyce and Clyde, as well as Bolo’s disappointment in the church’s apathy.
The chapter ends with Reggie being placed in a high school after previously applying without his parents’ knowledge. Religion and suffering
Gender- Masculinity
Family Reggie failed his examinations

SATIRE- Lovelace uses the false hero, Ivan Morton to criticize West Indian politicians.

-The changes in Ivan Morton suggest that he has betrayed his community. He is not the saviour they hoped he would be. He has accomplished very little (pages 5-6), he has abandoned the churh and he has adopted the values of the oppressive political/social system Setting Characters Eva Dorcas
Bee Dorcas
Ivan Morton
Bolo Point of View -Events of the novel are related in the first person by Eva who is herself a member of the Shouter Baptist church.
-Delivers a sympathetic, inside view of the church meant to conflict sharply with wider perceptions of the church
-Choice of narrator establishes the tone of the novel. Eva is logical, religious but maintains an innocence evidenced in her faith in Ivan Morton "I want to believe too just like Bee. I want to believe in Ivan Morton"
"God don't give you more than you can bear" (1)
"a load more heavy than anybody else own" (1)
"His hands stretvh out across the door like how Jesus Christ had his hands when they crucify him" (1)- Christian symbol of Jesus on the cross
" I wondering if the world is a mortar and we is the plantains below the pestle taking the pounding" (4) Religion and Suffering Race "they don't lend their money to black people" (6)
"we can't change our colour Dorcas but we can change our attitude. We can't be white but we can act white" (13) Ivan Morton Gender- Manhood and Integrity "he is a boy and a boy is a man and a man have the burden of the world on his shoulders in a way that a woman don't, can't have it." (11) Eva on Reggie

"With a new kind of toughness about him, a warrior still, with his chest up" (16) Eva on Bolo Education Reggie failed his examination. Disappointment & desire for him to win an exhibition.
Apprehension-"Band your belly and send him to high school so they will learn him to turn his back on his family"

What is the value of a colonial education? Love Joyce and Clyde
Eva and Bee Bonasse
"roads was bad...land was scarce...new schools was building" (5-6)
The Dorcas Household
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