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Explosive Polymerization of p Nitro Aniline

No description

Jennifer Suarez

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Explosive Polymerization of p Nitro Aniline

Reactants & Products
Sugar and sulfuric acid are what go into the reaction, forming the products of carbon and water.

How does this happen?
Carbon is separated from the sugar molecules and you end up with pure carbon, hydrogen and oxygen which gives you the product of water.
Which is noticeable while the reaction takes place as we see steam come off of our substances.
Other Reactions
Obtain all listed materials
Pour 125 mL of pure cane sugar into a beaker
Add Concentrated Sulfuric Acid until all of the sugar is covered
Slowly begin to stir chemicals together until substances begin to turn black
Back away and let full exothermic process occur
You will be left with a "spongy" black substance
Chemical Reaction
Materials & Chemicals
125 mL of Pure Cane Sugar
98% Concentrated Sulfuric Acid
Youtube Video
What's Happening Exactly?
Sugar ( a carbohydrate) is dehydrated with concentrated sulfuric acid. Since a carbohydrate is considered a "hydrated carbon," if you remove the water only carbon would be left over. The acid then rips the water out of the sugar generating heat causing the water turn into steam. This produces a black mass of carbon.

The energy that was being released was in the from of heat. The heat caused water molecules (H2O) to convert into steam.
Explosive Polymerization of
p Nitro Aniline

Jennifer Suarez & Nicholas Alfaro
Mrs. Sanchez Chem 1411.301

200-500 mL Beaker
Glass Stirring Rod
Paper Towel
Gloves, Lab Coat & Goggles
Experimental Procedure
12C + 11H O
(sulfuric acid)
Exothermic Reaction: Reaction that releases energy
Physical Change: formation of heat, precipitate, changes colors, or bubbles
Chemical Change: atoms rearrange to form one or more new substances. They do this by breaking bonds and making new ones.
The chemical change occurring is the change of sugar to carbon.
When pure cane sugar (white) and pure carbon (black) the substance goes from white to tan to dark brown then became black.
Sugar you can classify as polar because it dissolves in water.

Sulfuric Acid contains 2 Hydrogen ions and SO4 due to the negative and positive charge H2SO4 is polar.

Water is considered polar due to the atoms bind in the molecule such as that there is extra electrons.
Polar or Non Polar?
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