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The killing sea


Kenzie Eide

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of The killing sea

By: Richard Lewis About the Author Setting Main characters Conflict A tsunami hits After a tsunami hits Ruslan tries to find his father and Sarah is looking for a doctor Story Details The Killing Sea Survival Hes an American comedian and an actor He was born June 29, 1947 Other books by the other Mood Theme Why I Liked the Book Memorable Line Who I Would Recommend the Book To Why Should You Get This Book I would recommend the book to anyone who likes books about survival You should get this book because it is fun to read and full of entertainment I liked the book because it was about survival and there was never a dull moment Never give up on somebody you love The mood was sad and kind of depressing Ruslan- he is an Indonesian boy and he is looking for his missing father Sarah- she is an American girl who is trying to find a doctor for her brother Sarah and her family are on vacation Ruslan is looking for his missing dad Sarah's brother swallows some bad water "Take Peter. Run!" her mom said.
"The highest ground," her father said, grunting between clenched teeth.
"No," Sarah said. It takes place outside at different places like Ujung Karang and Calang,
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