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What can Pinterest do for Businesses?

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Sally Jones

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of What can Pinterest do for Businesses?

Share Your Values Let Others Know What you Care About What can do for businesses? Squarespace lets you know the team and invites you into their office Unique Benefits of the Pinterest Platform Psychological Benefits Strengthen Ties Reward & Empower Users with Contests Contests create positive brand feedback and result in users spreading content for you

Pinterest gives you the ability to easily host a wide range of contests Sweepstakes Scavenger Hunts Show them what Inspires You Users are 200% more engaged with images versus text Allows you to share highly visual content that's difficult to communicate in other channels Allows you to engage audiences across channels based on what's most relevant, NOT what's most recent. Since Pinterest isn't time line based you have greater control and can better curate your story. Brand identity paired with the psychology of images introduces a whole new realm of possibilities...brand familiarity leads to the impression of liking a product which can then lead to a potential sale. Give them Behind the Scenes Access Establish Trust & Humanize your Brand Sephora does a great job with their employee "It Lists," forging greater connections through individual team members. GE shows its softer side through employee stories Develop a two way dialogue Encourage customers to pin to your boards
Ask questions of them ZGallerie took this to a whole different level with their live pinning party and encouraged remote pinners to get in on the action as well Lululemon strengthens ties with its Brand Ambassadors Retaining & engaging
users as much as
2 - 3 times than Twitter Fastest independent to
hit 10 million users Pinterest users follow 9.5 brands Facebook users follow 8.5 brands Twitter users follow 6.9 brands Re-pin to Win...or for a good cause Pin to Win Encourage users to create their own boards using a combination of your and others pins Grow your Following Empower Influential Pinners Over 80% of pins are repins

Identify users driving significant traffic to your site and have them create boards for their own accounts to take advantage of their larger fan followings Nars partnered with three popular Pinterest users to offer early (and exclusive) access to its new Satin Lip Pencil collection. In collaboration with Nars, the three women developed Pinterest boards for their own accounts that compliment the pencils' three color categories: red, pink and nude. For a week leading up to the collection's full release, Nars fans will be able to purchase the pencils only by clicking on product images pinned to the boards.

Nars didn't simply select the three most popular pinners for the campaign; instead, using Pinterest-specific analytics tool Pinfluencer, the company identified three users who had already driven significant traffic to its website. While many companies invite much-followed Pinterest users to "guest pin" for their own accounts, Nars was smart to encourage their partners to pin for their own accounts, and thus take advantage of their far larger followings. Incredible Statistics Better Targeting Use distinct boards to target specific consumer segments

Pinterest makes it easy to separate things into categories to reach different groups

Pinners have the ability to only follow certain boards unlike other popular social media channels Drive Traffic & Sales Extend Usage Occasions Increase Engagement Target Customers in New Ways Sony found a creative way to make a traditionally male centric category appeal more to women through it's "Gorgeous Rooms & Tech" Board which features ideas and inspiration for making technology part of home decor. Boost SEO Unlike Facebook Pinterest enables search engines to crawl the site and index results.

Being active on Pinterest can create a wealth of backlinks which boosts your sites importance in SEO and this ultimately drives conversion Powerful Analytics Pinterest gives you the ability to measure the popularity of pins and the number of visitors being driven to your website

If using advanced segments in Google Analytics, you can add Pinterest to your social media segment to compare Pinterest data with other social media referrals

If ecommerce tracking is enabled, you can determine whether Pinterest visitors are more likely to purchase By creating custom reports you can see which of your pins brought in visitors and how many, which users visited your site, how many pages they viewed and where they bounced. By selecting your landing page as your secondary dimension you can determine which of your pins have directly brought potential customers from your boards. a perspective from Sally Jones Pinterest integrates across other social platforms Making it easy to amplify marketing campaigns! Lets you tell your story visually Powerful Referral Stats By cutting out many steps of discovery it's the quickest way for users to find your product Establish your business as a Thought Leader RxWiki recently launched its medication encyclopedia featuring over 75 boards consisting of news and videos covering FDA approved compounds and OTC medications. RxWiki's Pinterest page is a visual medication resource that provides pharmacists and patients with the latest medications information and news from www.RxWiki.com.

"Printed medication guides just don't work anymore," said Donald Hackett , CEO of RxWiki, Inc. "Digital tools like Pinterest offer new, effective ways to educate patients about their medications. RxWiki delivers an engaging visual experience that enables patients to easily identify, organize, and learn about the medications they take," Hackett said. Y&R showcases its creative prowess in developing engaging campaigns with "Helpin" Convey what businesses / personalities your brand aligns with Show you're not just there to push product but to connect with others who share your interests and values Delight pinners with
tangential topics and themes that may appeal to them Graphic Description Textual Description a curved line with every point equidistant from the center We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text Case and Point...GE launched a contest, "The Next GE Instagrapher," aimed at finding GE's next photographer to capture and share the research and technology GE is known for developing. Entrants were asked to take photos inspired by or reflective of one of GE’s four areas of innovation -- moving, building, curing, or powering -- and to share their photos on Instagram using the hashtag #GEinspiredME. Entrants' photos were then featured in a gallery on the GE Facebook Page, where users could vote. The finalists were evaluated by a panel of judges, and the winner was given a free trip to the United Kingdom valued at $11,000 -- as well as the title of the next GE Instagrapher. After the contest, GE then featured the top photos in a dedicated pinboard on its Pinterest account.

While this wasn't originally a contest run on Pinterest, it's a great example of how brands can integrate their social media presence across channels. GE leveraged multiple social networks to get the most reach for their campaign -- using Instagram as the entry point, twitter as a way to promote the campaign, Facebook as the evaluation mechanism, and wrapping it up with some extra visibility on Pinterest. GSD&M, an Austin based agency created a board encouraging pinners to share their favorite SXSW content Land O' Lakes recently launched a promotion that spreads awareness of recipes using the brand, while helping to fight hunger through a partnership with Feeding America. In the "Pin a Meal, Give a Meal" campaign, each time a meal or recipe from Land O' Lakes collection is pinned or repinned to its campaign board, the brand will donate $1 to Feeding America. As of March 7, the campaign had already generated 8,400 meal donations. Pinterest is driving both on and offline purchases Images of a product's application can broaden its relevance. Chobani cleverly introduces ways to use their yogurt when baking and then also features a pin with easy cooking conversions for items commonly used when baking. Unorthodox uses combined with an easy way to replicate a creative project can make prospective customers more inclined to buy your product and to view your company as a source of inspiration Users come to Pinterest to be inspired so the content they interact with is reflective of their true interests and preferences. There's not the same emphasis on curating "the perfect" profile to showcase to the world that is often encountered in other social media channels. This makes it easier to target users who are genuinely interested in your products or services. As of Jan 2013, approximately 30 million users Affinity informs intent - if a user likes a brand or product, they are more likely to feel a connection and take action

Proximity helps transform intent into action

The holy grail for businesses is to be likeable and accessible to ones target audience "The whole reason Pinterest exists is to help people discover the things that they love and then go take action on them, and a lot of the things they take action on are tied to commercial intent.” In conclusion, Pinterest gives users a platform to share their true self with the world and provides businesses with the unique opportunity to connect with customers in this moment of inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity to share my perspective, and I look forward to meeting the Partner Team! Gain Valuable Customer Insights Announce new products, get feedback and inform offerings Increase your understanding of customer perception
Examine the names of boards where users have pinned content from your web site
Dig in further by looking at individual board names to see what other images users associate with your offerings
The number of followers for a given board can serve as a proxy for broader interest
Analyze users getting large numbers of repins or likes to determine what else interests them
Learn from what users are sharing from your competitors -Ben Silbermann
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