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Cosmetic Products

No description

Faila Dominguez

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Cosmetic Products

Do you ever wonder what is in the cosmetic products you purchase?
Do you ever ask yourself if they are safe for you?
Do you know how much toxic chemicals are being used in them?
So let's talk about cosmetic products
Cosmetic products are usually used to improve the appearance and odor of our human bodies. For example, makeup, shampoo, soap, lotion, perfumes etc.
One of the most popular cosmetic companies nowadays is
MAC Cosmetics
Do you know the impacts they have in the environment?
MAC Cosmetics provides a wide variety of make up products such as eye shadows, lipsticks, foundations, concealers, mascaras, eyeliners and lip glosses
MAC Cosmetics also advertises make up brushes, perfumes and skin care products
MAC Cosmetics offers a recycling program called the "Back2MAC" where consumers are able to return an empty packaging container of mac products to MAC counters or MAC Cosmetics online. In exchange, consumers receive a free MAC lipstick of their choice if they bring at least six packaging containers
This program allows the company to create new packaging from previously used materials in the returned products' packaging
Here are some of our suggestions on making improvements in the production of cosmetic products:
Promote the “Back2MAC” program in other countries
For example, support the Precautionary Principle to encourage the government to take action and make policy regarding the suspected risk in cosmetic products
This means taking those dangerous toxic chemicals out of the product to prevent causing harm to the consumers and to the environment
Making more government regulations in the cosmetic industry
Only consider "green chemists" who only focus on making chemicals that are healthy and good for us and for the nature
We sustain the environment for future generations by conserving our natural resources
We reduce the quantity of waste that are being sent to landfills
We decrease greenhouse emissions that results to global climate change
We save valuable energy
We create jobs and build a strong economy and community
Here are some examples that
MAC Cosmetics
accept to recycle:

Eyeshadow Compact
Eyeshadow Pan
Pigment Jar
Mascara Tube
Paint Tube
Paint Pot
Liquid Liner Tube
Powder Compact
Blush Compact
Lipstick Tube
Lip gloss Tube
Foundation Tube
Foundation Bottle
Foundation Jar
Some of the Benefits of

includes the following:
Through "Back2MAC" program, the company contributes to saving the environment
The company also re-uses the returned
products' packaging to reduce waste
Now let's talk about the transportation of MAC Cosmetics' products
DID YOU KNOW that The Estee Lauder Company acquired MAC Cosmetics in the year 1996 that allows them to take control on the distribution of MAC products
MAC Cosmetics use two ways to transport their products
MAC Cosmetics has a online store, allowing consumers to order mac products online
Orders are then shipped directly to consumers via Canada Post
The main concern of Canada Post's order processing and delivery is greenhouse gas emissions which causes increase temperature
Environmental Impacts of Greenhouse gas Emissions:
Increase in temperature leads to rising sea levels and flooding
Animals like polar bears encounter extinction due to melting glaciers
Global climate change cause more severe natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis
There is an increased risks of deaths from heat strokes and dehydration as temperature rises
MAC products are warehoused in Estee Lauder factories and then distributed to MAC retail store locations via Canada Cartage
Canada Cartage use trucks to deliver products
The environmental impacts of trucks include:
Air pollution
Global Warming
Production of carbon dioxide that leads to Climate change
Increase in fuel consumption
Production of acid rain which affects animal and plant life
Instead of using trucks to deliver products, take the train to reduce air pollution and diminish carbon footprint
MAC Cosmetics should promote and sell reusable shopping bags to avoid plastic bags
They contain so many ingredients that most of us are probably unfamiliar with
Industrial chemicals such as carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxics etc; which are found in cleaning equipments, can also be found in cosmetic products
This chemical is directly involved in causing cancer; can also be found in tobacco smoke
MAC Cosmetic products contain chemicals such as:


- BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)

- BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)
BHA and BHT can induce allergic reaction to skin

Long-term exposure to high doses of BHT is toxic in causing liver, thyroid and kidney problems and affecting lung function

BHA and BHT are antioxidants used as preservatives in lipsticks and moisturizer
MAC Cosmetics' primer contains these chemicals which are very harmful to individuals
Research say that BHA and BHT are potential carcinogens and cancer causers
Another chemical found in some cosmetic products of MAC is Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide is used in sunscreens, food colouring, soap, toothpaste and also as a white pigment in outside paintings
The Sulfate process and Chloride process are two important methods
to obtain the chemical Titanium Dioxide
This process produces dilute sulfuric acid and other harmful products which is referred to as Titanium waste
The acid created gets dumped into
the soil and released into the air

Therefore, plants release dust
and gas emissions of sulfur or
chlorine compounds into the air

People intend to use these products
to beautify their skin, yet these products
only result into health and environmental issues
Consuming a lot of energy is not good for the environment
With all the outlet stores MAC Cosmetics have around the world, imagine how much energy is being used in a day

For sure it is A LOT!

MAC consumes a lot of energy
with all the machines and lighting being used in their stores each day
Conserving Energy will help the economy to save money
If not, we'll let you know
Though there are things that MAC Cosmetics
do that impacts the environment in a negative
way, they also provide a program that affects
the environment positively
Now, let's talk about the
production of chemicals
in cosmetic products
While Titanium Dioxide is a useful non-toxic compound, Titanium Waste is acidic and creates environmental problems
Many chemicals used in cosmetic products are not only harmful to the environment, but also very harmful to individuals
Now that we are aware of the chemicals in cosmetic products, it is time to talk about
and help the environment by decreasing air pollution, acid rain and global warming
Convince companies to use less machinery and have more labour to conserve energy
Now that we are well informed about the production of cosmetic products, we hope that we, as a society, can be better consumers who can make better choices
EWG Canada
Google Image
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
MAC Cosmetics Canada
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