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Laura Evison - Word of Life Canada

A little about me and my ministry at Word of Life

Laura Evison

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Laura Evison - Word of Life Canada

WORD OF LIFE our primary methods of outreach are through evangelism discipleship Word of Life Canada has two main locations, Owen Sound, Ontario and Sherbrooke, Quebec 70 years of
ministry countries
world-wide 62 reaching young people with the gospel of Christ and teaching them how to walk with the Lord + our passion is YOUTH CAMPS LOCAL CHURCH MINISTRIES BIBLE INSTITUTES, & Who is ? and this is where we come in... Canada's youth are a neglected mission field and now FOR MY ROLE the youth of CANADA 90% say premarital
sex is acceptable 73% approve of living
together before marriage 71% of teens under
18 drink alcohol 70% say they have easy
access to illegal drugs 73% approve of living
together before marriage 30% since 1991 youth violent crimes
have increased of all reported drug or criminal
related offences are teens 1/3 is the second leading
cause of death in teens SUICIDE no longer did 4 years later 60% among College freshmen who
called themselves “born-again” of students who were highly churched
as teens remained spiritually active by 20% 29 North America is the
3rd largest mission field in the world CANADA'S YOUTH need to be reached with the gospel
if we are ever going to see REVIVAL Graphic Designer discipler unit leader worship coordinator painter kitchen staff customer service photographer admissions counselor yearbook editor Bible School tutor tech supervisor What would you do with your life if you knew Christ was coming back five years from now? me Georgian College Barrie, Ontario Word of Life Owen Sound, Ontario Branding Signs & Banners Advertising Resources WOL Canada has 2 properties Not that I seek the gift, the fruit your account ... but I seek that abounds to $1,800 MONTH per support team prayer + financial support Laura Evison -
Word of Life Fellowship Canada www.facebook.com/wolLauraEvison OWEN SOUND, ON SHERBROOKE, QC
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