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Copy of Alcohol and Sobriety in Huck Finn

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champ newman

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Alcohol and Sobriety in Huck Finn

"I borrowed three dollars from Judge Thatcher, and Pap took it and got drunk, and went a-blow-ing around and cussing and whooping and carrying on"( Twain 21).
Example of
Alcoholism #1
Alcoholism and Child Abuse
“He used to always whale me when he was sober and could get his hands on me…”(Twain 11).
Alcohol and Crime
"Every time he got money he got drunk; and every time he got drunk he raised Cain around town; and every time he raised Cain he got jailed''(Twain 23).
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
"He had been drunk over in town, and laid in the gutter all night, and he was a sight to look at''(Twain 26).
Alcoholism has been affecting the society as well as the person responsible. It shows how negative things such as alcohol effect the way you interact with others. Mark Twain has used many examples in Huckleberry Finn to show what alcohol can do along with how alcoholics are viewed by the society.
Alcoholism and Sobriety in Huckleberry Finn
By: Brixton Niebuhr, Champ Newman,
and Sarah Catherine Jones
3rd block
This quote shows how Huck's father Pap takes advantage of his own son. He is so addicted to alcohol that he takes his own sons money to buy alcohol and go act like a foolish drunk and be an idiot. Pap whooping and carrying on is just Twain's way of saying pap is being a foolish drunk who is causing a ruckus in the town and being a disturbance.
In this passage, Twain associates alcoholics as having damaging and abusive characteristics. Huck's father, Pap, is almost always drunk and with this his thoughts are tainted with an aggressive behavior which is also present when he is sober. This demonstrates concepts of child abuse as a result of alcoholism. As a result his father's entire being is damaged by his intake of alcohol.
This quote directly connects alcoholism and sobriety to the issue of child abuse as an effect of how it changes ones self. In this it is revealed that Huck's father frequently whips him and abuses him due to the dependence he has on alcohol. Even when sober Huck was abused when displeasing to his father. This connects to modern society because the child abuse that occurs today is mostly induced by a form of alcohol or substance abuse. An example of this would be Miss Agatha Hannigan from "Annie" a woman who lets alcohol control her while she runs an orphanage. A man by the name of Mr. Warbucks decides he wants to adopt Annie, along with this adoption he decided to put out a reward of $50,000 to whoever can prove to be the real parents of Annie. Miss Agatha Hannigan along with two of her friends decide to come up with a plan to act as Annie's parents to get the money along with Annie. After they planned to kill Annie and take the money and go to "easy street". This is an example of how alcohol is related to child abuse due to the fact that these ideas of killing Annie are made under the influence.
In this passage, Twain draws a connection between pap and Cain, who was the first human born and the first to commit murder, killing his own brother. This suggests that pap’s drunken state ends up in him making unwise decisions that negatively affect others. It also reveals how alcohol results in consequences like going to jail. This suggests that those who are dependent on alcohol are more likely to be involved with negative activities and also to go to jail.
Jack Sparrow is a modern example of an alcoholic involved in negative activities. Jack is a pirate who relies heavily on alcohol and finds himself in tight situations. It seems like he prefers to wind up in these tight situation, and also get drunk along the way. He is similar to pap in that he is always in trouble with the law. He raids, kills, steals, and drinks like any other pirate, but when it comes to drinking he tends to over do it. Unlike pap though, Jack always seems to outwit the law and slide out their hands scratch-free. Also, while Jack is after something or on an adventure, alcohol usually breaks his focus, and becomes the center of his attention. When in a tight situation Jack's attention seems to move to alcohol. This decision always seems to come back and bite him in the butt due to the affect it holds over him.
Works Cited
In this passage, Twain demonstrates substance abuse along with drunkenness because it shows the after affects it can have on a person. It also portrays the toll it can have on your body along with irreversible consequences that can come along with it.
This quote is connected to Lindsey Lohan's life because she got so addicted to substances that it affected her life to the point she turned into a completely different person. When she overdosed or got drunk she would not know where she was and at times who she was. Lohan abused these substances and paid the price for it in the end. Her body along with mind have been altered and ruined, at points, due to the substances she indulged herself in. Irreversible consequences from her abuse of the alcohol and drugs have cause her to ultimately ruin her life. This relates to this quote as the old man had ruined himself in his affairs in the previous night.
Example of
Alcoholism #2
"His foot swelled up pretty big, and so did his leg; but by and by the drunk begun to come, and so i judged he was all right; but I'd druther been bit with a snake than pap' s whisky." Ch. 10, pg. 53
This quote demonstrates how alcoholism affects not only the person misusing the substance but the people that the alcoholic's have in their life. Pap's drunkenness has stuck with Huck affecting him even when his father is not present. Huck refers to not wanting to be bit by pap's whisky, suggesting the affects that Huck has seen the whisky take on pap are imaginable.
Example of
Alcoholism #3
"He was drunk, I reckon." Ch. 11 pg. 61
This quote demonstrates that pap was known for being drunk. People who are dependent on alcohol have a tendency to be linked to it. Huck had seen pap drunk so much that he automatically resorted to that conclusion.
Twain, Mark.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
. New York: Tom Doherty Associates, LLC, 1989. novel.

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