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"Games",Alex, Emily, Olivia

No description

James S

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of "Games",Alex, Emily, Olivia

Scene: 4, Shot: 7, Location: Backyard flowerpot
Description: Ravi is hiding behind the flowerpot peeking
out, looking for Raghu. Ravi is frightened.
Camera shot/angle: High key lighting, medium to close up shot of Ravi's face
Scene: 4,Shot: 8, Location: Backyard flowerpot
Description: We see Raghu chasing and tagging Manhu in hide & seek. Manhu is Happy, Raghu is frustrated & angry.
Camera shot/angle: point of view shot from Ravi's perspective. High key lighting. Camera follows Raghu chasing Manhu in hide & seek
Scene: 3, Shot: 6, Location: In Backyard
Description: Kids scatter and run away from the Veranda to find hiding spot for game of hide & seek. Bottom center figure Raghu is ''it'' in game of hide & seek
Camera shot/angle: high key lighting. Long shot from behind Raghu. No camera movement in shot
Scene: 4, Shot: 9, Location: Backyard flowerpot
Description: Ravi dashes from behind the flowerpot to the shed. Ravi pants and is nervous of being caught.
Camera shot/angle: High key lighting, eye level shot to mediun shot following Ravi
Scene: 5, Shot 10, location: Shed in Backyard
Description: Ravi is in the shed and he curls into a ball in the bathtub. Ravi is very spooked, and creeped out by being in the old shed. Also he is nervous of being caught in the game of hide & seek
Camera shot/angle: Low key lighting, medium shot, pushes to close up shot of Ravi's face. Cameras are in front of Ravi.


Anita Desai
but it's worth fighting for"
"Life can be full of harsh realizations,
This is the establishing shot. In these first three shots, it shows how hot and sunny it is, at a Family's house in India.It moves from the sun to the house.
Inside the house shows how the kids want to be outside, and their mother is telling them they can't go past the veranda. This is low key lighting, and a medium shot.
All the kids, disobey thier mother, and run out side to play. Highkey lighting, long shot.
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