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The background and culture of Latin America

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Miriam Tyson

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of The background and culture of Latin America

The background and culture of Latin America
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Blending of Ethnic Groups in Latin America
Europeans that came from the old world forced the native people to work on plantations or in mines
Religion of Latin America and the Caribbean
The main religion of Latin America is Roman Catholic.
The Language of Latin America
Spanish and Portugese languages were base on Antient Latin languages. Because they these languages share similar histories and culture.
Literacy Rate and Standard of Living
The "Standard of Living" is the money and success achieved by a person or country.
To do...
It all started when Christopher Columbus and other explorers came in ships from the old world (Spain) to try and find new land (The New World: Latin America!)
Europeans also brought Africans from the old world to work
The cultures began to mix!
The 3 main sources of the cultural groups of Latin America are Africans, Europeans, and Native Americans.
"Day of the Dead"
In mexico, it is a roman
catholic holiday that includes native americans.
CRCT pgs. 32-33
questions #53-56
For the next 200 years, Spain and Portugal sent ships over so the 2 primary languages became Spanish and Portugese.
A literate person is one who can read and write.
A person that cannot read and write is called illiterate.
If there is a high literacy rate...there is a high standard of living!!! sooo...in other words...if you can read chances are you will be more successful than someone who can't!
Crct pgs. 33-37
questions #57-68 for a grade
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