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A Murder For Her Majesty-Presentation for Mrs.Borja 3/16/11

Best prezi project ever Peoples! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Bilal Saling

on 23 March 2012

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Transcript of A Murder For Her Majesty-Presentation for Mrs.Borja 3/16/11

Bilal Isaac York, England Dianna Timothy
Master Hunnis
Queen Elizabeth
Lady Jenny
Sir Henry Tuckfield
Mistress Pelhame
Father Edgar Boyce
Lady Genevieve Andrewes
aka Jenny
Bishop Anscott
Mistress Macleod Shannon INTRODUCTION Alice
Dame Agnes
Lord Crofton
Sir Roderick
Father Cooper
Master Kenton
Master Frost Protagonist It would’ve looked similar to this when it was Christmas. (Middle part of the book) Character list York, England
Cathedral Alice TONE Setting A
T Father cooper
The Queen
Sir Roderick
Lord Crofton Beth Hilgartner Conclusion BY: Alice has a flashback when she thinks about her father's death. this is important because she then remembers what she really needs to do. Another example of a flashback is when she's is remembering the time that Catechism walked into the cathedral during a service. Frightened
Suspensfull In conclusion, the book "A Murder For Her Majesty,"tells a magnificent story of suspense, and patience." Alice, is the protagonist because she was the main person in the story and the narrator tells her feelings most of the time. EXTRA CREDIT THEMES BRAVERY FRIENDSHIP P O I N T O F V I E W An example of foreshadowing is when Alice is captured and put into a very tall tower. Alice drops a mitten from the only window that she has in hopes of someone finding it. This foreshadows the event of her friends finding her.
Another example is when Alice has to leave to go to another home. This foreshadowes that she needs to move on somewhere else Flashbacks, foreshadowing and irony Flashbacks Foreshadowing The point of the story is in 3rd person point of view because it uses sentences telling what someone is doing not what Alice is feeling or doing. Irony A part in the book
that has irony in is
that Alice was supposed to be a joke to be brought into the choir school, but then Alice eventually ended up staying a lot longer.This is ironic because Alice was only there because of the joke. Another example of Irony is when Master Kenton decides to take in the cat, Catechism, under his care. This also ironic because everybody thinks Master Kenton is a sour old man. A Murder for Her Majesty is about a young girl named Alice and her small adventures that have suspense, humor and action. go to look here follow up I like cookies!!!! Is AWESOME! Is tired I'm hungry dot dot M O O D The mood of this story is dark,mysterious and it tries to keep you reading because it has that way of suspense that makes you interested in the book. The book is also trying to keep you thinking because each event triggered another event to happen in a chain reaction so you can match up with this goes with that and also it makes understand why these certain events happened. And last but not least... Mood THANK YOU! HOPED YOU ENJOYED THE PRESENTATION! Alices' friends are the reason she goes to choir and learns how to sing. If she had never met them she would be in the streets without food and shelter. Alice is brave to do many things, like going into an all boys choir, keeping Catechism in the cathedral, and standing up for what she believes in. This is the way the ladies would have dressed at the time P C L O T H A R T Alice's father is murdered by the plans of Lord Crofton and Sir Roderick Donne. Alice is living in the slums of England and has no place to go. Alice is knocked down by Geoffrey, a choirboy. Alice is taken in by Geoffrey as to be a joke if anyone will notice there's a girl in the choir. Alice stays longer than intended because the boys find out she can sing. Alice and Geoffrey find a cat and name it Catechism. Alice learns how to play the organ from Master Kenton. Catechism is given up to Master Kenton Master Frost overhears that Alice is in the choir and that she really is a girl. While feeding Catechism, Alice overhears Father Cooper speaking to Lord Crofton and Sir Roderick Donne. Christmas time and Alice buys Master Kenton a muffler Geoffrey is walking back to the choirschool and recieves a letter from a stranger Alice is kidnapped while walking back to the choirschool. Alice drops her mitten to tell the others that she is gone as a clue. Master Kenton walks where Alice was kidnapped and finds her mitten. Alice must find a way out of the tower that she is held hostage in. Alice needs to give specific info to Lord Crofton or else she will die. Geoffrey finds out that Alice has been kidnapped and realizes that the letter he recieved was a decoy. Geoffrey needs to tell Master Kenton and the Dame that Alice is really a girl and that she was kidnapped Geoffrey and his friends set up a search and rescue team for Alice. Geoffrey finds Father Cooper in the church and hits a chair, causing Father Cooper to nearly ruin the rescue plan. Master Kenton is attacked by Father Cooper and is hurt severely in the back of his head. They all find Alice, and she goes back to the choirshool to confront the Dean Alice cannot stay at the choirschool, so she must leave with Lady Jenny OKK Alice finds out that Lady Jenny is a very energetic lady who will be her best family yet. Project By: Imagery "The food was suberb: a fine mushroom soup, some broiled perch, a spiced ham, countless vegtables and side dishes, and for desert a pound cake that all but melted in the mouth." 5 senses
1.You can imagine in your head what all the food on the table looks like.
2.You can taste the desert melting in your mouth.
3.You can feel the warmth of the fire on a cold winter day.
4. You can hear the clanging of the dishes and the crackling of the fire.
5. You can smell all the delicious food. A Murder For Her Majesty "Murder!" Orlando screamed. "Murder! Murder!" Father Cooper scramblede to his feet and fled, leaving the lantern behind him." Wealthy people would eat delicious food and desserts that weren't necessesary while the peasant people would eat what they needed to survive(bread and ham).
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