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Parent Presentation for Taster Day 2018

No description

Clare Schulze

on 27 June 2018

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Transcript of Parent Presentation for Taster Day 2018

Aims of the evening
1. To outline what students should expect from the two taster days (28th & 29th)
2. What does Linear & Attainment 8 mean
3. What is Core Maths & EPQ & should my son/daughter consider this?
4. Procedure for enrolling - August/Sept
5. What support should you expect from Outwood Academy Newbold

What your son/daughter should expect from their two taster days
Any Questions
The long & winding road to A-Level success at OAN Sixth Form
Parent Presentation June 2018
Experience a study period and guidance
Have a chance to 'try out' their chosen subjects
Have some fun!
Meet their VMG tutor
Discuss their options
Discuss whether they should potentially choose Core Maths or EPQ
Meet other Year 11 students and Year 13
Have bridging work set
Have a clear picture of 'next steps' for September
Procedure for Enroling in September
Courses are not guaranteed until final numbers are confirmed in September
Results Day - 23/8/18
Support and advice for students
Enrolment form to be completed
External students
Monday 3 September - Subject & final enrolment
Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 September
Thursday 6 September - Transition conference (Letter + consent form will be sent to you)
Must have back up option
Support given to students & parents in the Sixth Form
Students treated like young adults
Uniform - Jackets
Mobile Phones
Make up
Praising Stars cycle
Move away from the consequence system to the use of the
"Cause for concern & P Form system"
Tracking and intervention at subject level
Learning Manager
Guidance & WEX
Linear A-Levels
What does it mean for my
Core Maths
The key information is:
'Core' Maths has been available from September 2015
Will suit students who achieve an 4-9 in GCSE Maths but do not wish to study AS or A-Level Maths
Core Maths is a Level 3 qualification accredited by Ofqual
It is taken over two years
Will be an AS Equivalent
It will have UCAS points
The qualification has been developed in conjunction with Universities who offer courses which require an element of mathematical analysis and is designed to bridge the gap between Year 11 and University for students who do not study Maths at A-Level.
It will include content from the new GCSE Maths Higher Tier and will develop students' problem-solving skills which are needed for further study and/or future employment

Who we recommend to take Core Maths
Students who have a 4 or 5 in Maths
Students taking Psychology or Sociology
ALL universities are recommending that students strongly consider taking this qualification
Not for UCAS points as such (although UCAS will be awarded - Higher than AS points)
Universities are recommending it for the skills and experience it will provide students
Friday 7 September - A-levels commence
Post 18 support from day one
Students encourage to aim high
Parental evenings & support
Resit GCSE
2 year program (BTEC and A-Level)
No external exams after year 12
3 A-Levels for most
Mock exams + minimum expectations to progress into year 13
No need to include year 1 on UCAS
Minimum requirement revisited
What is attainment 8
International trip
Spaces are available
October Half term
New York - Philadelphia - Washington DC
If interested collect a letter at the end
Would extend the deadline for final payment
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