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Personal Recount

No description

Justin Ricciuti

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Personal Recount

Personal Recount
The Best Summer of My Life
By You
Illustrated by Your Imagination
Personal Recount
What is a recount essay?
A personal recount is a series of events that have happened to you the past. You are remembering what you did.

This means, that the recount is written in PAST tense. What are some words that are in past tense?
How to write a recount?
First, you think about a topic that you want to recount. For example, the first hockey game I went to. Once you determined the topic you want to recount, you must then think of the events that are part of this topic.
Events are like the sub-topics of your main topic. They also act as the topics for each paragraph. The events about the topic happen in "chronological order," meaning from earliest to latest. For example, during the first hockey game I attended, I may choose to write about what happened before the game, during the game and after the game. All together that would be 3 events equaling 3 paragraphs.
Assignment: Recount your summer vacation

What did you do over the summer?

First, complete a rough draft on the given graphic organizer.
Second, once you have completed the rough draft, have a student edit your rough copy
Third, write a good copy using good copy paper given to you by Mr. Ricciuti
Finally, create a cover page of your recount

Expectations: Grade 4

Grade 4's are expected to write a total of 5 paragraphs.
1 introduction paragraph (First event of summer)
3 additional events that happened over the summer. Each event is 1 paragraph.
1 conclusion with at least 4 sentences
Each event paragraph should include:
1 topic sentence
4 detail sentences
1 closing sentence
Expectations: Grade 5

Grade 5's are expected to write a total of 6 paragraphs.
1 introduction paragraph (First event of summer)
4 additional events that happened over the summer. Each event is 1 paragraph.
1 conclusion with at least 4 sentences
Each event paragraph should include:
1 topic sentence
5 detail sentences
1 closing sentence
Sentences starters
Some sentence starters in recount's include:
After that,
Can you think of others?
My Summer
My summer started off by starting the course I enrolled in, FSL part 1. At first, I was really excited to get started since it had been a very long time since I spoke French last. However, I found the course became very annoying and frustrating. Some of the students in the class weren't being very respectful towards the messages I was posting. As the time went on, I got really anxious to finish. I kept working hard and fought through the rude people in the course and finished with great marks. I was very proud of myself.

When the course finished, my aunt and my cousins visited my family and I from New York. To celebrate their arrival, we spent a week at our family's cottage. It was a fantastic time as we had bought a new boat that I was excited to drive. I took my cousin's out tubing on the lake, and the mean person that I am, shook them off the tube making them fall into the water. Our time spent at the cottage was amazing. We were blessed with great weather and did many activities. It was great to spend time with my younger cousin's since I hadn't done so for a while.

Throughout the summer, I played hockey every Sunday night in a Men's league. This was the fourth time I've done this. The season started off very bad. I had a lot of trouble scoring goals. Near the end of the season, I started to play much better. The puck started to go into the net and I was having more fun. The season ended when we lost in the first round of the playoffs. It was a very disappointing season.

Next, I went camping with my friends up north for the long weekend. I had never gone camping before since I spent a lot of my time at my family's cottage when I was younger. I must say that it was a blast! We cooked our food every day over the fire. My friend wasn't very good at lighting the fire, so I was put in charge and because of me, we were able to eat. Sleeping in a tent wasn't so bad either, especially when you bring air mattresses. It was like sleeping over at a friend’s. We spent a great weekend together.

Altogether, I can honestly say I had a great summer. I was able to work hard to get my French teaching certificate, I spent a great amount of time with family and friends and continued to play the game that I love over the summer. It was a very eventful summer. It was so great that I wish summer never ended.
Lets have an example...shall we?
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