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Kengelini School

No description

Susan Baker

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of Kengelini School

Kengeleni School
Mombasa, Kenya
Our sister school
Original Problems

The school was built for 350 children in grades

In 2011, the government of Kenya declared all schools to be public schools !
This meant the school grew and grew.
Within two weeks it had
students in grades K-8!!!!
The infrastructure of the building was devastated! The plumbing broke due to the overuse!
Morse Pond's first walk raised $860.00
from local businesses
This money helped to fix a borehole and repair the faucets in the bathrooms so students can now wash their hands and have clean water to drink.
Water was bought from vendors--very expensive!
The next year we raised

This repaired the toilets,classroom furniture and added a second water tank for water storage.
It rained that day so they walked indoors.

Impact our donations have had
on the school:
Physical Structure
Wells repaired
faucets repaired
toilets repaired
Furniture rebuilt

Community Gains
School is now ranked #1 out of 30 schools
124 8th grade candidates took matriculation exams

Fewer sick children and family members.
Morse Pond's Walk for water 2018
Year Three
$2000.00 was raised by the students and MPS PTO.

We have had sun the past two years!
6th grade
of 150 students
Pictures taken by
Margaret Apondi Oguta, Headmistress of Kengelini School.
Earth Wind & Fire
"That's the Way of the World"
White Night Instramental Covers of Earth Wind and Fire
Released June 30,2017,
Due to her success at Kengeleni school
Mrs. Oguta has been reassigned!

Mrs. Oguta has been relocated to a new school in Mombasa.
The new school is

Concordia Primary School
• Nursery -8th grade
• 2300 students
• With a class for special needs

Students have to bring water from home
Many are too poor, so they go without or find dirty water
Her first priority is fix the water problem and the bathroom facilities
New Mission:
Concordia Primary School, Mombasa, Kenya
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