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American Beauty Ad Analysis

No description

Emily Hymus

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of American Beauty Ad Analysis

Stand-out poster elements
One of the main stand out element in this poster is the iconography of a rose. This stands out as is is the brightest and boldest colour on the entire poster. The rose also connotes love, passion and danger - allowing the target audience to pick up on the genre of the film (drama/romance). The background of the poster is another stand out element. This is because the background is a females bare skin which connotes a strong sense of lust. This allows the audience to get a sense of drama before knowing anything about the film. The colours in the poster are also shown to be warm and vibrant which portrays the potential narrative as being happy, uplifting and calm. Although the title name is small this is another stand out feature. The dark colour of the font against the warm background connotes a sense of danger, however, the small and simple font connotes a degree of elegance to the film and romance to the film.
Main images/symbols and audience
The images on the poster are fairly simple making sure the audience are not distracted with other irrelevant themes and ideas. The slender physique the female has suggests that there will be a potential female antagonist luring a vulnerable character, causing problems for several other characters. The body language of the female (holding a rose closely and softly against her body) suggests that the female strongly values the simplicity of romance. The bare skin would entice a younger audience, as they would be able to relate the image back to youthful relationships they've once had. However, an older audience would be enticed due to its simplicity and maturity. Due to its romantic factor a female audience are targeted more strongly, but the purity of the bare skin would also attract a male audience as it connotes a sense of sexual desires.
I have chosen to analyse the film poster for 'American Beauty'. This is because the film follows similar themes (passion, romance, tragedy) to my own product. It also has a similar target audience of mostly females but carries a secondary target audience of males. However the protagonists in this film are older which may impact the age of the target audience thus changing a few chosen conventions to appeal to a wider age group.
Persuasive elements and gratifications that are promised
The poster promises a sense of mystery from the tag line 'look closer'. This short tag line implies a sense of mystery in the film, this challenges the audience thus enticing them to develop their own assumptions to the films outcome. It also allows them to compare what they watch to their own judgments beforehand. The line is positioned to the right of the main title in a small font, representing the mystery further as this tag line isn't instantly visible and 'in your face'.

Another poster from the same film includes the line 'winner of 5 academy awards'. By showing this to the audience allows them to be hopeful in the films success. As the film has been credited for awards such as 'best picture' shows the audience that it has been previously popular with film makers and critiques - promising the audience a film worth seeing.
Personal elements
The positioning of the rose is a focal point of the poster, allowing it to be clearly visible. The rose could decode a sense of passion but also unpleasantness. This is because the rose is lying against the females body as if it has 'fallen'. This suggests that the narrative could include some sort of disruption to the typical romantic feel initially expected from the film. The would go on to entice the youthful audience as drama causes excitement for the audience because a younger audience value dramatic elements which hold a lack of responsibility. Alongside this, at first glance the rose looks fairly fresh and pleasant. However the rose is damp and shows condensation on the petals. This could represent teardrops, connoting a sure sense of sadness from the narrative.
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