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2014 Blended Intro Teacher Presentation

Niki and Theresa

Idaho Digital Learning Academy

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of 2014 Blended Intro Teacher Presentation

Defining Blended
Together we can do more
Thank You

Niki Walker, M.Ed.
IDLA Blended Learning Program
email: niki.walker@idla.k12.id.us
Blended in Action
Our Program
Create a climate change
Provide leadership
Build infrastructure
Nurture program

Our Districts
Student- Centered Classroom
Differentiated Instruction
Common Core Alignment
21st Century Skills/
College Readiness
Twin Falls School District
Coeur d' Alene School District
Orofino School District
Idaho Teacher of the Year 2012, Rigby High School Teacher
The Digital Promise Team came to visit our school in January. They visited 10 schools across the nation. The goal of the study is to write a report showing that technology DOES INDEED improve learning.
Here is a quote from Katherine Bassett, the Executive Director of the National Network of State Teachers of the Year:

This is the only school we have visited that is truly using a blended model, and the only one we have seen using shared virtual services with other schools. You provided us with a needed look at these two uses of technology. THANK YOU!.
Stefani Cook
Katie Pemberton
Idaho Falls School District
Nick Hoffman
Innovation: Library Course
Innovation: Flexible Schedules / SAT Course
Innovation: Collaboration
Innovation: Remote Access = Sharing Teachers
Goal: Understand the Blended Program and Hear from Districts and Teachers on Implementation Ideas.
Goal 2: Learn how to get involved
Teacher Rubric
Teacher Expectations
Orofino--health teacher and computer apps teacher teaches to two schools
Kamiah--using Engage NY and Math Visions Project ( free online curriculum) to deliver blended math ( they are using ipads)
Cottonwood--getting ready to roll out AdvBio ( DC) and she's agreed to share that with the consortium
CdA--five history teachers share a course, program is expanding
Fish Bowl Classrooms
Classroom = 15 Devices
10 Courses
Rotation Model
Kamiah School District
Open Resource Integration
Adam Johnson - Murtagh
Brady Dickinson - Twin Falls
Tyson Beggs - Marsing
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