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Traditions of UAE ..

Tradition are very important in UAE. And It shows the identity of the person .

Buthaina Almaskari

on 27 June 2011

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Transcript of Traditions of UAE ..

TradItIons Traditional clothing Traditional Food Traditional celebration women clothing Mkhawar Accessories Abaya Burqa Children clothing ssrwal
( Pants ) short dress ( kndora qssera ) Men Clothing Onther way Alqimat ... AlHarees .. Raqaq Bread Thrid or frid Khabiss Al balalit Almachbos Al Khanfarosh Al Arsyah Wedding Firstly , The man go with his father to preceded to the girl's father to marry her . And Request her hand from him . Then the father give them the answer , After that they sets the time of wedding and the money ( Almaher ) that given for the bride . scondely , Is bride Processing ( alzahba ) before the wedding days . Alzahbah contain by cloths , perfumes , shoeses , gold and Jewelrys . And they show it for Guests .

After showing they transfer ( alzahbah ) to the the bridegroom house . (Alhina) Is the most of Basis bride accessories
So It Gained big importance for the Emarati woman , and it has a Special day called ( Al hina day ) or ( lilat alhina),one day before the wedding . firstly , the bride should wear a green dress with golden desin.
Also she wear the gold that she given in (alzahbah ) . and she are butting her foot in a Pad for doing hina , then almhanya ( the women who is doing hina ) began doing it , with the singing of the bride's family . The night of the wedding
( alayalah) band began to performance ther art like singing ,
dancing by weapon .The wedding
In UAE usualy Continue one week
before the wedding .Then the bridegroom go to the house wher the bride wetting him with the singing of the women . In UAE are very important in our lives , and they help us to preserve our identity for long ages . Eid AlEid whether (Alfeter) or (Aladha)
have special flavor In UAE , beganing
from The day before AlEid , they began
processing at the night of alEid , the
women doing ( hina) and the men are
process the food , all of them should
have new cloths for next day . In the morning of AlEid , men wake up early for
AlEid prayer . the women In ther housess wear ther
new clothes and they decorated by Gold and many
accessories . then when the men comes from the mosque they eat ther breakfast together with the family , Usually the breakfast cotains by ( harees ) ,
( alarsyah) . In AlEid the children go to the homes to take the Eidyah and gives homeowners the money . when they return to home , they request from ther grandpa , fathers , uncles .....etc for Eidyah . The Children feel very happy when they have AlEiadyah . AlEid weather continues in greeting
to the poeple in house , neighbors, and
relatives . and the more grown and
expanded area of peace and greeting felt
position of each of each of them can feast
happier and more joy. Finaly , thanks for your listen .
hope that you Enjoy with me Was with you : Buthaina Almaskari
In Grade : Seven - 4 Bye ... Embroidery Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Saying about the history , and traditions . before I finish .........
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