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BMW Stock Price Analysis and Forecast

No description

Haoyang Huang

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of BMW Stock Price Analysis and Forecast

1.BMW: introduction/background

2.The products from BMW

3. The SWOT analysis for BMW

4. BMW stock price analysis and forecast
BMW Introduction and Background
BMW = Bavarian Motor Works(Bayerische Motoren Werke AG)
Founded in 1916
Originally an aircraft engine manufacturer
Produced first automobile in 1929
By the 1980s, established itself in the luxury/performance segment of the global automotive market

Mission and Business Ideas
BMW's mission is to become a top brand of car makers.

BMW has long with "movement of The Company" (The Mobility Company) as his own idea. For decades the BMW has been seeking the fun of sports as their objective

BMW's slogan is " Sheer Driving Pleasure"
BMW main Product Line
3 Series
Entry Level Sedan
$30K to $40K

5 Series
Mid-range Sedan
$45K to $75K

7 Series
Flagship Sedan
$74K to $150K

All Products
BMW Customers:
Average BMW Customer Profile:
Approx. 46 years old
Median income = $100K
Married and no children
2/3 were male
Technology is important
Very loyal to the BMW brand
Driving is a form of personal expression
Work hard and play hard!

1. Brand reputation
2. Environment friendly vehicles
3. Quality products
4. Highly skilled workforce
5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
6. Strong brand presence in China
BMW Stock Price Analysis
5 year BMW stock price range of variation:
BMW Stock Price Analysis and Forecast
Finance 422
Haoyang Huang

1. High cost structure
2. Weak brand portfolio
3. Perception of high prices
4. Too few acquisitions and strategic partnerships
1. Decreasing fuel prices
2. Positive attitude towards “green” vehicles
3. Expand brand portfolio
4. Changing customer needs
1. Intense competition
2. Rising raw material prices
3. Increasing fuel prices
4. Growing Euro exchange rate
1 year BMW stock price range of variation:
BMW Stock Price Analysis
BMW Stock Price Analysis
5 days BMW stock price range of variation:
BMW Stock Price Forecast:
The Reasons for my Forecast
On 11/30/2014. The BMW Stock Price is around $91.08 to $91.85.

My Forecast is that in 5 days, BMW Stock Price will increase to about$92 to $94.

In the next year, the BMW Stock Price will increase to $ 100 to 105.

2 Second Reason:

New Energy Performance automobile(green cars) came into the market in 2014. They are BMW i3 and i8.
Long the BMW Stock
until 2015.
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