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3/1 Armenian Genocide

No description

Amber Westendorf

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of 3/1 Armenian Genocide

Standards Plus #1
Warm Up
3/1 Armenian Genocide
Brain Pop
Definition: the principle or policy of maintaining a large military establishment.
Example: ____________ believes in militarism.

Definition: a formal agreement between two or more nations to cooperate
Example: An alliance seen in WWI was between____________.

Definition: the deliberate spreading of such information, rumors, etc
Example: Propaganda can be used to ______________________.

1. Who was assassinated?
2. Where did the murders take place?
3. Why did the murders take place?
ilitarism: Arms race, creation of large Standing Armies-increased readiness for war
lliances: Requires nations to support their allies- divides Europe into two camps
mperialism: Competition to establish colonies- deepened rivalries between nations
ationalism: Deep devotion to one's country- created competition
5. Assassination of Archduke Franz-Ferdinand in June 1914

1. "The entire able-bodied population are preparing to massacre on another... it only required some unforeseen incident, some unpreventable spark to fall in a flash"
-Frederic Passy, Peace Activist
2. "As long as it is without allies, France poses no danger to us."
-Otto Von Bismark, Chancellor of Germany
3. "This organization is created for the purpose of realizing the national ideal..."
-Bylaws of the Black Hand
4. "War is for an afflicted people the only remedy."
-General Heinrich von Treitschke
5. "Sailing across the ocean in German ships, German merchants began for the first time to divine the true position of countries such as England, the United States, France and even the Netherlands, whose political influence extends to distant seas and continents."
Sir Eyre Crowe, British Foreign Office
6. "The maintenance of Austria is of importance to , only in that alliance we must be the LEADING partner, not the BLEEDING partner."
-Prince Karl Marx Lichnowsky
Number your paper
On the next slide you will see 6 quotes
Next to the number you will put a letter for the cause
M: Military
A: Alliance
I: Imperialism
N: Nationalism
F: Franz-Ferdinand's assassination
1. Why was it called the Great War?
2. Austria Hungary Declared war on ____________.
3. Most of the fighting was in ? (2)
4. What 2 events made the U.S. join the war?
5.What was the Selective service Act?
Cousins of WWI
The marriage of Edward VII to Alexandra of Denmark meant that both Nicholas II (Russia) and Wilhelm II (Germany) were first cousins of king George V (United Kingdom).

George, Wilhelm, and Nicholas's wife Alexandra (Alix) were also all grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

All the European Royal Families were, in some way or other, interrelated.
Definition: the alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy
Example: The last member of the Triple Alliance left at the end of WWI

Triple Alliance
Definition: an informal understanding among Great Britain, France, and Russia
Example: The member of the Triple Entente to leave WWI after a revolution was______________.

Triple Entente
Armenian Genocide
Machine Guns
Armenian Genocide
Definition:WWI(1915)Ottoman Empire murdered some 1.5 million of the 2 million Armenians
Example: During the Armenian Genocide _______________.
1. The Armenians were persecuted for their desire for...
2. The Armenians were attacked because they supported...
3. The religion of the Ottoman Empire was..
4. What was Hitler's point?
Christian Armenians wanted independence from the Muslim Ottoman Turks, so they supported the Allies at the start of WWI. The Turkish government reacted by deporting nearly 2 million Armenians. More than 600,000 died of starvation or were killed by soldiers.
"Women were tied to ox carts and exposed to hunger and rough weather until they accepted conversion to Islam or death; mothers were bayoneted before the eyes of their children, and Armenian girls were distributed as chattel among civil and military officials.
-Eyewitness Account: Funk and Wagnall's History of the World War, 1919
" Only in such a way will we win the vital space that we need. Who still talks nowadays about the Armenians?"
-Adolph Hitler: Speech to Army Commanders,
August 22,1939
Mesrob Kloian
1. Kloian says the villagers were given a day to get ready. What do you think this day was like?
2. How did Kloian survive this massacre?
3. What effect do you think seeing these atrocities had on Kloian’s will to survive?

Khanum Palootzian,
4. What happened to the cluster of villages Palootzian lived in?
5. Why do you think she tells about the difference between the way males and females died?
6. Do you think Palootzian would define these events as genocide?

Armenian Genocide
Treaty of Versailles
Definition: Treaty ending WWI blaming Germany, reparations, lost land, restrict military
Example: Wilson believed that the Treaty of Versailles___________ lead to peace.

War guilt Clause
Definition: Article 231 in the Versailles treaty blaming Germany and sets up for reparations
Example: The war guilt clause blamed Germany for WWI although it ___________ start the war.

League of Nations
Definition: Collective security agreement: system where nations work for peace for all
Example: _______ did not join the League of Nations.
Definition: Pay for the damage of war
Example: The amount of reparations Germany was told to pay was_______________.
470-475 3-7
1. Define the terms on page 470
2. Describe the picture on 471
3. What is the down side to investing in stocks? P. 472
4. Describe the picture on 473
5. P. 474 What country had the highest rate of unemployment?
6. P. 474 How much did world exports drop from 1929- 1933?
Armenian Genocide
Definition:WWI(1915)Ottoman Empire murdered of some 1.5 million of the 2 million Armenians
Example: During the Armenian Genocide _______________.
Why isn't the Armenian Genocide a bigger part of our history books?
P. 145
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