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Consolidated Patient Statement

Billing for many hospital services and physician practices/groups is now consolidated in just one statement. Click the arrow below to learn more.

IU Health

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Consolidated Patient Statement

Consolidated Patient Statements (CPS) are being utilized by Indiana University Health Revenue Cycle Services (RCS) in an effort to provide an easy to read & understand “one patient – one guarantor” based statement that will clearly show a patient the amount owed for both their physician and facility charges.
The statement is addressed to the patient’s or guarantor’s billing address.
This is the patient’s name and the account number.
Visit us online to:
Access your account.
Pay your bill.
View your statement.
Ask a billing question.
Apply for financial assistance.
The Account Summary provides you with a quick, easy-to-understand overview of new charges since your last statement, including a breakdown of insurance payments and pending insurance payments.
Always check this “What You Need to Do” box for important information about your account.
Mail your payment to this address to ensure timely credit to your account.
New charges are shown here on the back. The consolidated statement includes charges for hospital fees and some physician charges.
Your consolidated statement only includes services billed by Indiana University Health Revenue Cycle Services. You may still receive additional statements from providers who are not part of this billing service.
Please Note:
Click the arrow below
to tour the statement.
If you have any additional questions, please contact our Customer Service department at 317.612.2754 or toll free at 877.668.5621 between 8 am – 7 pm, Monday thru Friday, excluding all major holidays.
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