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Analysis of 'We Love Pop' double page spread

No description

Gabriella Bethell

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of Analysis of 'We Love Pop' double page spread

Structure of article
Images of artists
Typography and font size
Graphic elements
Conventional elements
Pull quotes
Pull quotes are a very conventional element of a double page spread, and this article uses two. The first is used as the articles title, 'I love Nathan, he's just as awkward and geeky as me!' This is used because its an insight into their relationship, something readers would be particularly interested in, however it also shocking as you would not typically expect two pop stars to be awkward or geeky, therefore it interests the reader and makes them read into the article. The next is located in a bold pink circle in the middle of the article saying, 'I'll be the first one to laugh at myself'. The boldness of it enables it to stand out and again it is a personal insight into Ariana's personality which is interesting to a reader.
Analysis of We Love Pop
magazine double page

The article is structured as an interview, with a question and answer format. This allows for a much more personal approach, as it enables the reader to get to know Ariana in a very upfront way, as there is no added descriptive writing only what she has said. The questions are asked and written in an informal way, and seems like a casual conversation, which is relatable to a reader as it allows them to get to know her more. The questions are based on her personal life, such as relationships and embarrassing moments which readers would like as it gives them an insight into her life, and again they are relatable questions for a teen girls magazine. Asking about her boyfriend, who is also a massive pop star idolised by girls would draw attention as his fans would want to read the article as well and it is also personal information that they might not already know, which is intriguing as it is exclusive. The article also mentions other pop stars, like Beyonce and Nicole Sherzinger, which gives the reader a comparison, therefore the magazine is allowing us to create an opinion of Ariana, who is quite new onto the pop music scene.
Tone of address
The tone of address is informal, as the interviewer uses relaxed language and slang in some areas, which would attract a younger audience as it is much more relatable and easier to read.
The articles main image is a mid shot of Ariana in high lighting which takes up a whole side of one of the pages, showing that she is the focus of the article. Ariana's subtle make-up and pretty dress suggest a 'good girl' image, and reflects her youth as well as her music. Her hand on hip pose is quite a conventional pose, and shows that she isn't intimidating or very sexualised like many other female pop artists. Her facial expression is friendly and sweet, which reflects her language used in the article, 'Ha-ha. Ahhhh! How sweet!' Her hair is also quite simply down and is natural and has no edginess to it, showing her simplistic and girly style. The innocence of the photo would appeal to a majority of their target audience, which is parents buying it for their child. The graphic elements of the background also connotes with the picture and article, as it is quite childish in a way. As it is their Christmas issue, 'We Love Pop' have used snowflakes and candy canes, which fits into their theme, but as they are drawings, they almost look like doodles in a girls diary, again reflecting the girly and sweet personality of Ariana the magazine is trying to portray, which is also relatable to a teen reader.
The article also uses three much smaller images at the top of the second page which are all mid shots. All three images show Ariana with pop star boys. The last two are her with her boyfriend Nathan from The Wanted, and along with the captions, 'We're a bit green, tbh (to be honest)' are used to almost make the reader jealous of Ariana, but in a positive light. The photos are edited in the way that they look they have been stuck into the page, again linking with the diary look. The language on the caption is also informal, making it more personal to the reader.
The big swirly girly font for the main pull quote stands out and captures the readers attention, as well as looking like handwriting again linking to the diary theme. A larger bolder font is used for the 'S' at the start of the article as a statement of where the article starts, which is a conventional element use in many magazines. The article uses different smaller and more plain font for the main text supposedly to make it easy to read. A different font is also used for articles subtitle, which is clear and stands out in white.
Use of colour
The main colour scheme is blue yellow and pink. Pink connotes love, joy and grace linking with the girly theme and supporting Ariana's sweet look. The yellow and blue support the pink as yellow connotes optimism and brightness, and as blue is very subtle it represents calmness. These colours also represent the music Ariana makes. The colours are also quite youthful and bright, supporting the magazines target market of a younger audience. The colours also
reflect with the picture of Ariana as they all connote happiness and Ariana reflects that through her smile.
The magazine uses the conventional elements of pull quotes, a main image and smaller images, interview format, picture captions and page numbers at the corner of each page. The page numbers are also in a slightly bigger and bolder font than the main text in order for them to be more visible to a reader when looking for the article they want to read.
Layout and
use of space
The main photo and text have been seperated onto two pages, which makes the pages less packed and easier to read. The text has been split into three columns which means more can be fitted onto one page, and everything on the second page is centred meaning there is no space wasted. The three smaller images have also been placed at the top of the page, meaning they are seperated from the text therefore more easy to see. The overall layout of the double page spread looks like a girls diary.
The 'We Love Pop' logo is used twice on both pages to show that the article is only in their magazine. Ariana's name is also used both times underneath the 'We Love Pop' logo, showing its exclusivity to the magazine, and also when located in both corners, it is easily visible to those flicking through the magazine about what the article on this page concerns. The magazines website is also situated next to the page number as a use of advertising, as readers will be looking at the page number when trying to find the story, and therefore will see the website. It also gives readers a chance to find out more on the website. The illustrations on the background, as mentioned before reflect a girls diary, linking to the layout of the page and are also relatable to a teen reader, as well as linking to the article on Ariana.
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