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Mom...this is for you.

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on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Mom...this is for you.

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr And...now you're thinking so what? It's safe. What do I get form this? Well...if you let Maria do this you will get a guarantee that she does ALL Kumon, homework practice guitar AND chores about 30-1 hour after she gets back from school.) OK now you're like: "But I don't want Maria to be doing this only because I let her dye her hair." (YES IM AM A MIND READER!!!) You will get this deal if you finish watching this presentation. and if you consider the offer. (Offer lasts better and longer if Maria is allowed to dye her hair.) You're probably thinking...but what if the kool-aid ruins Maria's hair? You know what? I should't let Maria do this beacuse it is unsafe. no it wont damage it. it's probably the least damaging "color" you could do. it all depends on whether your hair(that you're going to color) is light or dark. if its light, then you'll see it. if it's dark, then you might just see a tint of blue. dont count on it lasting for long, and it will wash out a little everytime you shampoo. 4 years ago. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090623163852AAwAX1h (via: answers.com) Now…What is this about?- You ask. Well I answer. As I told you earlier… (more precisely January 25th 2013) I wanted to get my hair dyed using kool-aid. And you told me to go away and an obvious no. Sooooo I’m hear to get you to change your mind because you WON’T regret this! In the following slides I WILL tell you why you should let me do this with pictures, videos, etc. Mom...this is for you! By: Maria (dha!) Well guess what? This (V) over here will prove that it's not. (BTW these are REAL asnwers from answers.com and ask.com) No, the kool - aid will not damage your hair because they made it for people to drink it so therefore it doesnt have any chemicals to damage your hair. :)(via: wiki.answers.com) Q: I want to dye the two front pieces of my hair bright red with Kool-Aid and I was wondering if it would be bad for my hair? Like damaging?

A: Nope not bad go for it :D
(via: answers.yahoo.com)
kool-aid is better because hair dye has a lot of harsh chemicals in it,and it does'nt ruin your hair as much as dye No. You just wet your hair rub the Kool aid in and then let it be It washes out when you take a shower. But no damage to your hair. It only really works if you have light hair Like blonde But if you want permanent I prefer hair dye
Hope this helped^_^ kool-aid won't damage your hair. it doesn't have any chemicals, i.e. it is an organic compound. and kool-aid mix does NOT contain sugar, it's just the food coloring and flavoring. you add sugar when you mix kool-aid to make as a drink. + Maria will probably buy ALL products for this procedure. And if not it is really cheap under 5-10$
+ You will get 20 coupons which you can trade in to make Maria d anything you want anytime. :) Now here is some media to convince you even more: And...some pictures: These are ways to dye your hair which I can choose from: Only the tips are dyed. (This is my fave.) Fully. (You would never allow this but it's cool) Highlights but mostly in the bottom. Simple highlights. Another type of highlight but only 1 strand of hair. Oh and before you ask Kool-Aid is an edible mix that you add to water to make it into juice. No chemicals or sugar and costs a couple of dollars. Here are the steps to dye your hair: 1. Put on gloves to prevent staining. 2. Add the Kool-Aid packages to a small bowl. 3. Add a small amount of water to the Kool-Aid. 4. Add a few drops of conditioner to help the color permeate the hair more evenly. 5. Mix the 3-6 packages of Kool-Aid, the water, and the conditioner together, until the ingredients form a smooth paste. 6. Wrap the person whose hair you're dying in towel(s) e.t.c If you're doing tips or highlights, use a highlighting wand and wrap the dyed sections in tin foil. Tips: Complete the whole head (or as many highlights as you want) with foil wrapping, and then pin them up. Ensure that the foil does not come off. Follow the above instructions in wrapping your hair in clear wrap for an entire night, and rinse as explained above the next day. Facts: This will make your hair smell; often, the odor is noticeable and strong if you don't use the unsweetened kind. The color will be completely gone after a few washes. Don't wet your hair before dyeing. It will make your hair look greasy and wet until the dye washes out. Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Dye-Hair-With-Kool-Aid Presenting...Maria's presentation. Now here are some results after kool-aid hair dying: Thank you for watching now please say yes! :)
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