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No description

Jesse Fleming

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Pac-Man

How Pac-Man started Each maze contains 240 dots and 4 power pills, and all must be eaten to complete the level where the entire sequence begins again with an increased level of difficulty.
Pac-Man was first introduced to the arcades at the end of 1980 and immediately captured the hearts and imaginations of the public like no other game before it, and few since. It is still regarded as the hallmark of the 'golden age' of video games.

In Brazil, the game was unofficially named by the children as 'Come-Come' (lit. he eats-he eats, in Portuguese). Also an onomatopoeic, from the sound the character does when walking/eating. In Italy, the same sound is referred as a meaningless 'Gabo Gabo'. In Spain it was called 'Comecocos' (coconut-eater). Scoreing
Dot : 10 points.
Power pill (energizer) : 50 points.
Ghosts : 200, 400, 800, 1600 points.
Cherry : 100 points.
Strawberry : 300 points.
Peach : 500 points.
Apple : 700 points.
Pineapple : 1000 points.
Galaxian : 2000 points.
Bell : 3000 points.
Key : 5000 points. Level 256
The famous split screen level
After the 255th level the 'split-screen' level comes in.
The right half is a mess, and you cannot complete the puzzle for there are not enough dots on the screen to eat which would give you fruits.
Pacman was used for different names of people and things: A Filipino Boxing Champion, in Malaysia it is slang for man who dates ladies of other races, it is also a nebula. Way back when, the game was played $0.25 per play. Now you can play it for free on the computer or just go buy it for game consoles. The original name was called 'paku-paku' which meant motion of mouth when eating.
The game was first released in arcades may 22nd of 1980 in Japan Pacman remains the best selling coin op. game in history. In 1980 it sold over 100,000 machines in its first year. 1982, Pacman merchandise was EVERYWHERE and became a saturday morning caroon. Pacman "logo-likeness" has been licensed to over 250 companies. Chris Ayra holds the official record for the fastest time to get a perfect game on 3:42:05 on April 2, 2002. There are 23 versions of Pacman today for all consoles.
Ms.Pacman was the second version made.
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