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Project in Chemistry: Solutions, solute, solvent and concentration plus a background of Lambanog

Kiana Castillo Ü

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of LAMBANOG

is a Lambanog What is LAMBANOG? Lambanog is wine made from coconut. Lambanog is famous for its potency that normally carries about 80 to 90 proof variations. It is mostly produced in the Quezon Province, Philippines. The process involves collecting the sap from the coconut flower, similar to rubber tree tapping. The sap is then cooked and fermented to become tuba, a popular coconut toddy. The tuba is then distilled to make lambanog. Process of Making Lambanog The flower from the tree, the space left by the flower is replaces by a tube made of bamboo. Daily, the people collect the nectars in the tube and it is being distilled to become lambanog. It seemed like the process of making lambanog is simple, but it is otherwise. A worker will climb up the tree about 30 feet high having a bamboo and sickle and getting the nectars from 35 coconut trees that was connected to each other by two long bamboo trunks. An expert can finish collecting nectars from 40 trees in 30 minutes. The nectars that were collected were put in a big plastic drum then when it is already full it will be transfered in a cooking pan and will be heated. The alcohol vapor is cooled and transfered into a large jar, and the lambanog is ready. Flavored Lambanog To be able to make lambanog in a desired color, smell and taste, prunes were added to it. Some lambanog that can be bought in Manila has different flavors, like grapes, strawberry, pineapple and bubblegum. Watch the video on how to make the Lambanog SOLUTION is a homogeneous mixture composed
of only one phase SOLUTE SOLVENT a substance dissolved in another substance does the dissolving SOLUTE Lambanog: some organic compounds extracted from coconut SOLVENT ethanol and water CONCENTRATION The concentration of a solute in a solution is a measure of how much of that solute is dissolved in the solvent. Concentration of Lambanog 80 to 90 proof variations Presentation made by: Kiana Mari B. Castillo
III-1SHS end of presentation pictures: FACTS on LAMBANOG ~ The process involves distillation and fermentation.
~ Pure Lambanog is not really a pure substance. It only denotes the absence of enhancing flavors.
~ The sap of the coconut nectar acts as the solute then it was mixed with other liquids to be the solvent.
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