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Game Time!

No description

Christen Philips

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Game Time!

More Mini Games
Name the four parts of an introduction, in order
Create a transition word/phrase to start:
Mini Games for Bonus Points!
_________ should be our teacher
Come up with Reasons on Each Side!
The Prompt
1. Choose two fictional characters from two different genres.
TV Show
(Make sure everyone on your team knows both characters)
What are we writing about?
How does it all work?
Your team will work together to create the best outline of an essay over the next two classes.
Final product: Completed Flow Map
Everyone must participate in writing each part
Your Flow Map will be graded by three other teams in a different period
Final score will be out of 150 points
Chance to earn "bonus points" with mini games each day
Put your three reasons in your Flow Map in the correct order, then create supporting details for each reason.
Choose which side you will argue and your best reasons
With your groups, take a minute to look through and discuss the rubric.
Project Week!
What would earn you a 1 in each section?
What would earn you a 5 in each section?
What are we writing about?
The Prompt:
Which of your two fictional characters should become your new Writing teacher?
_________ should be our teacher
Name the four hook types
Name the four parts of an conclusion, in order
Name the four seal types
Body Paragraph 1
Body Paragraph 2
Body Paragraph 3
*Most creative transitions win bonus points!*
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