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Fact Sheet

Solving the Work-family Conflict

Caitlin Radick

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Fact Sheet

WORK-FAMILY CONFLICT What is Work-Family Conflict??? Family Work An Increasing Problem! main cause: changing work and family demographics
46.7% of employed adults are female 81% of families are non-traditional 57% of MARRIED households are dual-earner 43% of employees with families report "some" or "alot"
of interference between their jobs and their family life Solutions?????? Flexplace Flextime FWA benefits the employer and the employee! 75% of employees report not having enough time for their children 61% report not having enought time for their spouse 62% report not having enough time to do the things they want to do reduces turnover...79% of employees with FWA say they wont look for a new job any time soon (compared to only 44% of employees withOUT FWA) can reduce overall company costs:
-give days off instead of raises
-allow employees to take off extra unpaid time Cuts down on overall company healthcare costs Why is there so much work-family conflict if FWA exists???? 59% of workplaces provide Flextime of Flexplace BUT... only 27% of employees actively use FWA of workers say they would like to have more flexible work options 80% The bottom line: 1. Organizations need to OFFER FWA 2. Organizations need to modify their values and norms so that employees feel they CAN use FWA without negative consequences
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