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Minecraft default Achievements

A quick run-down of the simple achievements available in Minecraft.

Joe Ganoe

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Minecraft default Achievements

Taking Inventory This is the first achievement. To get it, all you have to do is open your inventory. It is simple because it acts as a notification that achievements are in the game. You must get this before you can move on and unlock others. Obtain a log from harvesting wood from a tree. Simple as that. Getting Wood Benchmarking To get this achievement, you must craft a crafting table with four blocks of wooden planks which are harvested from logs. After the benchmarking achievement, you can get three other ones. Time to Farm! Time to Strike! Time to Mine! To obtain Time to Farm! achievement, you must construct a wooden hoe from two sticks and two wooden planks. This achievement leads to two more achievements. Bake Bread and The Lie Bake Bread Obtaining this achievement means that you have made bread with three portions of wheat Making a cake with Wheat, sugar, milk, and eggs will brand you with this achievement. The Lie To get Time to Strike! unlocked, you must craft a sword from one stick and two wooden planks. This leads to the achievements Cow Tipper and Monster Hunter. This involves Harvesting leather from a cow. That means killing it, what cow can live without skin? Cow Tipper When Pigs Fly This is a bonus achievement. You must put a saddle on a pig then ride it off of a cliff dealing damage to the pig. To become known as a monster hunter, you must kill a creature; skeleton, zombie, giant spider, creeper, slime ect. Monster Hunter Sniper Duel To become a sniper duelist, you must kill a skeleton with a bow from 50 or more meters away. To get Time to Mine!, you must craft a pickaxe from three wooden planks and two sticks. You have to have this achievement to obtain Getting an Upgrade. Making a pickaxe out of three cobblestone blocks and two sticks grants you with this achievement. Getting an Upgrade Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks. Hot Topic Delicious Fish After getting Hot Topic, you can get Delicious Fish by smelting a raw fish in the furnace. Aquire Hardware Smelting iron ore to make ingots will grant you with this achievement. DIAMONDS! Getting this achievement means that you have smelted iron and have mined diamonds with an iron pickaxe. From here you can get achievements We Need to Go Deeper and Enchanter. Enchanter Making an enchantment table from four obsidian, two diamonds and a book, gives you this achievement. It leads to achievements Librarian and Overkill. Over Kill Dealing eight or more hearts of damage to a creature will get you this achievement. To do it, you need a diamond sword with the sharpness enchantment level five and a potion of strength II. Then get a critical hit on a creature while the potion is active. Librarian To get the Librarian achievement, you have to make book shelves from books and wood. Bookshelves will make your enchantments stronger. The more bookshelves you have around the table, the stronger the enchanting process will become. This is the arrangement of bookshelves to the enchantment table that make for the most powerful enchantments. We Need to Go Deeper To "Go Deeper" you have to build a portal to the infamous Nether. To do this you need to arrange obsidian into a gate shape (picture below) and then use flint and steel (picture at right) item to make a fire on the base of the gate, causing the portal to activate. This is the Nether. After getting We Need to Go Deeper, two more achievement become available; Return to Sender and Into Fire. Return to Sender. Return to Sender involves going to the nether. There is a creature known as a ghast. They fly around the lava covered land shooting bombs from their mouths at any player they come across. To get the achievement, you have to smack one of these bombs, sending it back at the ghast, killing it. Into Fire Another achievement that involves the nether. The creature known as a Blaze is a fire elemental and when killed it drops a Blaze rod. The blaze rod is a special metal made from the essence of fire. Getting one of these rods will get you the achievement. Rod Blaze Don't be mistaken, this is not the last achievement. The End is another plane of existence much like the Nether. Getting to it is difficult and that is how you get this achievement. There are creatures called Enderman. They inhabit the land of the End. They also appear in the overworld quite offten. When they are killed they drop an item call an Ender Pearl. The Ender pearl must be combined with the dust of a blaze rod and become an Eye of Ender. On use the Eye of Ender will point you into the location of a Stronghold. Which is the location of the End portal. You must use twelve Eyes of Ender to activate the Ender portal. Once inside you get this achievement. The End? This is the final room of the stronghold. As you can see, there is a horizontal portal over a pit of lava leading to the End. This is an Enderman This is the last achievement. To obtain it you must first get to the End. See now once your there, there is no way out, however there is a gigantic dragon called the Ender Dragon. To get this achievement, get out of the End, and to cue the credits, you must kill this dragon. Killing it isn't easy. First of all in the End there are obelisks. These obelisks heal the dragon, they must be destroyed. To destroy them, you must shoot them with an arrow, or climb the obelisk and punch it. After this the dragon cannot heal. Now all you have to do is evade all the hostile Enderman and attack the dragon at the same time. Once you have killed the Ender Dragon, his corpse drops a portal back to the overworld so you can continue building! The End. This is the landscape of the End and you can see the obelisks This is the Ender Dragon. Brewing Stand Local Brewery To get Local Brewery, you must mix a potion. But to mix a potion you need a brewing stand. To make one you use a blaze rod and three portions of stone. the blaze rod acts as the heater of the liquid and stone as the base. Ingredients include: Spider eyes, blaze rod dust, magma cream, melons, ghast tears, nether warts, and more. On a Rail. To get On a Rail you must travel by mine cart at least one Kilometer from where you started. This requires a lot of railway track.
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