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my #clmooc journey so far

Our project for the third week of #clmooc was to make a map of some kind. I took the first option and created this map of my journey in this course so far.

Traci Gardner

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of my #clmooc journey so far

my #clmooc journey so far
Connecting with Connected Learning
I found Connected Learning when a National Writing Project email invited me to attend and blog about some weekly Webinar sessions. I loved how Connected Learning fit my vision of learning from my naive undergrad days in an elementary ed program back in the early 1980s. I saw school programs tied down by tests, inadequate funding, and strict programs. I wanted learning more like I encountered when I worked as a page in the children's section of the Chesterfield County Public Library. I wanted to teach kids more like I did as a Girl Scout leader, following their interests and supporting them wherever they wanted to go.

As much as I loved Connected Learning, I had difficulty fitting it with my writing about teaching college composition or K–12 lesson plans, the topics I had to spend my time on for work. I wrote some blog entries about Connected Learning, but I haven't had as much time to explore the ideas as I'd like. Sometimes the need for a paycheck forces different decisions than our hearts would make.
Signing Up for #clmooc
When I learned about this summer's #clmooc, I was excited. Here was a chance to play around with Connected Learning, perhaps finding ways to fit it in with my other work. Even better, I was just finishing work in a MOOC focused on rhetorical composing. I was eager to have another MOOC so I could continue my research on the online courses.

My biggest concern, however, was that I would be going on a 12-day trip in the middle of #clmooc. How could I participate in a MOOC during a road trip to a scrapbooking conference?

I thought I found the solution when I read that #clmooc was going to focus on maker projects. I figured that as long as my projects were related to my trip, everything would be fine. I could just make the cards I needed for swaps, try out the ideas I heard at the conference, and focus on my scrapbook for the trip—all those things would be making, right?
I am usually too optimistic about my time. I thought I could easily manage the overlap of my last weeks in the rhetorical comoposing MOOC and the first weeks of #clmooc (along with my normal work). As usual, I was wrong, and I found myself scrambling at the end of the first week.

While everyone else was posting great projects, I hadn't even started. Worse yet, I had assumed the course would have open assignments that I could use for cardmaking and scrapbooking. Instead, I needed to create a snazzy self-introduction. Sigh...

So out of time. I turned the About page on my website into a word cloud using Tagxedo. It felt clumsy, poorly done,
and very last minute. I can do better.

Dealing with Rolling Roadblocks
So now it's week 3. I never completed a project for week 2. I decided that I'd figure it out later, but other things came up. Besides, how does toy hacking fit with digital card making? I still have no toy hacked, and no idea what toy to hack (or how).

This afternoon, I found a photo captioned “Rolling Roadblock.” It felt like a metaphor for my participation in #clmooc so far. Everyone else is on the path and heading down the road, and I'm about to get run over. At least the landscape is pretty.
So here I am working on the Week 3 project, a map of my #clmooc experience so far. I've never composed with Prezi myself, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'm still not working on the projects that I actually need to make, but at least I've learned how to use a new webtool.

I choose the journey metaphor even
though this last circle bothers me.
Conclusion? I'm not finished. I don't
even believe there's really an end. It's
just a stopping point on the journey.
Making a First Attempt
Rolling Roadblock by B4bees, on Flickr
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